Southern Charm Recap! Craig of All Trades, Master of None

Season 4 - Episode 5

May 2, 2017 3:12pm

  • Ellis Creek Fish Camp

    Thomas tries to get past the friend zone with Landon which means he’s obviously tone deaf to not be immediately turned off by her voice. “I think we’re kindred spirits.” -Thomas


  • Dr. William F Maguire

    Shep’s nightlife behavior catches up with him and his liver, forcing him to get a checkup from the doc. “Do shots count? Then I have 12 drinks a night.” -Shep


  • Little Jack’s Tavern

    Landon acts like her “Roam” website is the authority on dining when she tells Austen “some restaurants just aren’t Roam-worthy”, but he sees right through her charades. “It seems like an excuse for her to go get meals and alcohol.” -Landon


  • Eli’s Table

    Kathryn and her long lost friend Jennifer Snowden try to make up but can’t seem to find common ground. “This just seems fishy.” -Kathryn


  • The Darling Oyster Bar

    Thomas confides in Whitney that he’s finally ready to settle down but is worried that his bad boy past is scaring away the right women. “You have baggage that doesn’t fit in the overhead bin.” -Whitney


  • Dr. Wren Hoodoo & Fetish Dolls

    Cameran reveals her obsession with hoodoo, voodoo magic. She stocks up on a voodoo doll, potions and spells! “Back in high school I was doing some weird s*** in the woods. But I still got homecoming queen!” -Cameran


  • DanceFX

    Thomas takes his kids to dance class alone now that he’s without Kathryn. “I’m Mr. Mom.” -Thomas


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