Southern Charm Recap! Blue Ridge Mountain Blues

Season 3 - Episode 7

May 17, 2016 1:00pm

  • Fuel Caribbean Cantina

    At lunch, Craig and Shep play nice and invite Kathryn on the group trip to but cross their fingers she won’t actually come. “I don’t want to not invite Kathryn but it’s impossible to make everyone happy.” –Shep Craig wants to get to the bottom of why Whitney has such a problem with her. “Whitney is the dark one… the evil one.” –Craig


  • Bloom Within Counseling

    Cameran visits a therapist to help her figure out why her maternal instincts aren’t kicking in and if she’ll ever be ready to be a mother. “I’ll see a kid do something and think kids are a$$holes!” –Cameran


  • Tri County Transport Limousine Service

    Shep organizes a party bus to take the group to his family home in the Appalachian mountains. He’s quickly learning that Landon is less-than-honest. “Landon can be catty.” –Shep


  • Aloft Asheville Downtown

    The group makes an overnight pit stop in Asheville, NC on their way to Shep’s family home in the Appalachians. After getting Landon to finally admit it, Thomas reveals to Shep that she did intentionally exclude Kathryn from Shep’s birthday and lied about it to everyone. “I thought Kathryn was being totally irrational… and she wasn’t.” –Thomas


  • Lexington Avenue Brewery

    On the group road trip, they refresh at a local watering hole in Asheville, NC. Some in the crew are relieved  that Kathryn didn’t join in the fun. “The more Thomas gets away from Kathryn, the more he becomes himself again.” –Whitney


  • Ben’s Tune Up

    On their road trip to North Carolina, Shep takes the group to pregame at a trendy local bar with games like giant Jenga! “C’mon Thomas pull it out… without any repercussions!” –Whitney


  • Wedge Brewing Co.

    On their bar-hop in Asheville, NC, Shep introduces the gang to one of his college drinking buddies. “John is actually the first person to give me his ID when I was underage… until I was arrested!” –Shep


  • The Bull & Beggar

    The Southern Charmers grab dinner in Asheville, NC before heading to Shep’s family home in the Appalachians. “Everything’s going swimmingly…. well, that’s probably what they said before the Titanic hit the iceberg!” –Shep Unfortunately, he’s not wrong! Thomas reveals that he won’t be staying because of Kathryn’s discomfort with Landon being there which sends Whitney into a tail spin. “She’s the curse of Monk’s Corner.” –Whitney Craig is convinced Whitney’s just obsessed with Kathryn dumping him. “He’s messed up.” –Craig


  • Blue Ridge Taproom

    At the last stop on their big night out in Asheville, the group hits the dance floor. Thomas corners Landon and asks to see the so-called “invitation” she claimed to send to Kathryn… alas, she’s empty handed and caught in a lie after calling Kathryn the liar. “I caught her in a blatant lie.” –Thomas


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