Southern Charm Recap! Beast of Bourbon

Season 3 - Episode 6

May 12, 2016 10:23am

  • Terressentia Corporation

    Craig helps organize a tasting for Gentry Bourbon but is blown away when he realizes he isn’t anywhere close to becoming a partner in the bourbon division. “I’m fairly certain that if you’re working in the bourbon business, you should know the basics… like… what the f*** is bourbon?!” –Whitney

  • Shem Creek Bar & Grill

    Shep invites the group to a mountain getaway but Cameran and Whitney put up a fight when they find out Kathryn is invited. “We wish her the best… we just don’t want anything to do with her.” –Whitney

  • Vox Media

    Landon heads to NYC where she totally flops in a meeting about her “travel and lifestyle” magazine idea. It’s utterly cringeworthy watching her fumble around her vision (or lack thereof)… let alone compose a complete sentence. “It’s just sorta an online magazine that will cover like arts and travel and um… arts.” –Landon Get a clue!

  • The Alley

    After Landon threw him a boring, sober birthday party, Shep turns things up where he can do what he does best… drink! “Goldschlager for everybody!” –Shep

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