The Single Girls Guide to Dating featuring: Kelly Dodd

Single Kelly is all of our spirit animal.

July 25, 2018 1:01pm

With The Real Housewives of Orange County return,  I am absolutely loving the single Kelly Dodd! If you are a single or scared to end a relationship out of fear of being single; Kelly Dodd is your new spirit animal. This season Dodd is the ultimate single girl! She’s loving this new stage of her life and ready for the adventure and to see where life takes her.

Single Kelly

Even though Dodd is single, she still has shared custody of daughter Jolie. Dodd comments in the latest episode that “Mom’s more fun.” Which duhh, I’d rather live with Kelly over Michael Dodd also!

Kelly and Michael split


Dodd has taken her single girl life to a whole other level and I am #living for it! Her new pad is super girly and sizeably smaller than her $5 million home she shared with her ex-husband Michael.  Her attitude towards the whole situation is definitely something to be admired.

Although the apartment slightly reminds me of a college apartment, there is a certain charm to it. Despite the inside of the apartment, the views and location are great so that’s a plus! In this somewhat “basic” apartment, Dodd has random pieces from her old lavish home. A mix of glam and downgrade, but in the best way possible!

Kelly's new apartment


Separately, Shannon Beador is having a more difficult time with her divorce with ex-husband David Beador.  I understand why there is such a big difference between the women’s attitude towards their single status. I see why Shannon is much more distraught, as she worked so hard to keep the marriage together. While Kelly was over her marriage way before it ended.

Even though Shannon is having a hard time, I’m hoping that as the season progresses that Kelly helps Beador embrace her single life and do the damn thing! From what we’ve seen on last weeks Watch What Happens Live, Shannon seems to be doing great, as she looks phenomenal and down 24 lbs!

Single Shannon


If Kelly has taught me, or anyone, anything in this last episode, it’s if you’re not happy in a relationship, GET OUT OF IT. Your single girl self will be f***ing fabulous!

What are your thoughts on the new single Kelly’s? Are you loving her attitude this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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