Shahs of Sunset Recap! Are we out of the woods yet?

Season 5 - Episode 4

May 2, 2016 4:24pm

  • Flax Pen to Paper

    MJ wants to take her real estate career to the next level and the first step is new business cards. “I’m going to be the Condo Queen! And then I’m going to get pregnant.” -MJ

  • Hamburger Mary’s

    MJ hosts Drag Queen Bingo at a local gay bar to promote her real estate business. “G as in g-spot, 52!” -MJ

  • Planet Dailies

    Mike confides in Reza that he’s struggling with his new marriage. “I think my grandparents had more sex than me and Jessica.” -Mike

  • California Surplus Mart

    In preparation for the group’s upcoming camping trip, Reza and Asa stock up on survival supplies that will both protect them from the wild and GG. “Little does this b**** know that this is an intervention trip!” -Reza

  • Farmer’s Belly

    Shervin tries to convince MJ to go on the group camping trip (aka Golnesa’s intervention) but she’s not sold on the RV or GG right now. “She doesn’t want help.” -MJ

  • Morro Bay State Park

    The gang agrees to go camping with GG – little does she know there’s an intervention underway to help her realize she has a drinking and anger problem. “Maybe this camping trip won’t just fix Golnesa, but all of us.” -Mike


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