Seeking Sister Wife: I Gotta Have Faith

Ally and Leah recap episode 3 of Seeking Sister Wife: I Gotta Have Faith. Big Wife and Tiny Wife included.

April 7, 2021 3:05pm

This week we finally see what the Winder family has been up to and we discuss what we think of their new potential sister wife.

Garrick is really out here outdoing himself comparing his wives in size.

The Snowden’s introduce us to Taylor and Dimitri takes Chrissy out on a date. Ashley tries to be a “cool wife” but it’s not landing with us.

90 Day Fiancé finale snuck up on us. While it was mainly about Yara and Jovi you won’t catch us complaining! Mama Gwen gets all the praise from us. Another “spoiler” on Natalie.


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