RHOP Recap: Meet The Press

Season 3 Episode 2

April 9, 2018 7:34am

In an effort to feel more connected to the ladies of RHOP that reside in Virginia, this week my mom and I uncorked a $10 bottle of wine from Virginia while watching Karen roll up to Monique’s mansion in a $100,000 car. Ah, smell the sweet irony and taste the strong notes of “what the hell Karen?!”. Showing up in a new Jaguar when your husband owes over a million in back taxes is not the best move Mrs. Huger, you can “trust and believe” that.

Unsurprisingly, this episode focused on the women continuing to question Karen’s unawareness of her husband’s finances. Karen maintained her innocence but did admit that she knew the company her husband acquired had tax issues.

“My world crumbled below my feet,” she lamented during the episode. Well, at least her mansion and $100,000 car didn’t fall in when it was crumbling.

Karen went on to call Robyn a “wolf with a butcher knife” for telling the ladies about her husband’s financial situation. Come on, Karen. This was all over blogs and in the The Washington Post. If anything, Robyn is just a puppy with a butter knife spreading news that everyone already knew.

Karen also grew frustrated with Ashley about Ashley’s lack of understanding of the Hugers’  situation. At one point, I honestly thought Karen was about to start wailing “Stand By Your Man.”

Robyn’s “big move” was of course shown this week even though she only moved down the block from her old condo… Gizelle still complained about the distance it takes to get to Robyn’s house before proceeding to talk about her new man, Sherman. We get it girl, you’re in love and apparently having sex in meadows. Congrats, but next subject please.

We finally met the new housewife, Candiace Dillard, at the brunch Ashley arranged at Oz. Monique and Candiace appeared to hit it off immediately, with Ashley describing their excited shrieking as “two chihuahuas at the dog park.” During the brunch, the ladies spoke about the importance of empowering women before calling women in their own friend group fake…truly empowering stuff.

We also learn that Candiace is engaged to a bald white dude with a beard (which might explain why she is friends with Ashley…).

Episode two concludes with a hilarious press-less press conference hosted by, who else, Karen Huger. She provided yellow number 2 pencils for the women like they’re taking the SATs and asks her assistant/friend/waiter to take notes. Who does that?! Karen is more extra than all the toppings on a pizza.

Gizelle was by far the best dressed at the conference as she arrived in a t-shirt that read “Free Uncle Ben” and “#taxreform” on the back. I think Karen’s story is about as believable as Kim and NeNe becoming friends again, my kitten staying still long enough for me to take a picture of her, and me not growing sick of the yodeling Walmart kid combined.

Karen scolded Ashley for taking notes…um, why did you give them pencils and paper then, oh Grand Dame? Monique pouring more champagne as the conversation about the Hugers’ finances intensified is my Monday vibe (and also my entire tax season vibe).

The ladies seemed to be expressing genuine concern about their friend and just want the truth. Yet at one point, Karen exclaimed, “Mind your business!”. Why did she call them there to talk about her then?! Karen handed out printed tweets to the ladies and brought up Michael’s “ding a ling” appearing online, making the “conference” even more ridiculous. Karen still refused to tell the women the entire truth about her situation, proving that she is shadier than sunglasses under a beach umbrella.

What did you think of the episode? Will Candiace fit in well with the ladies? Comment below!


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