RHOP Recap: Cannes We All Just Get Along

Season 3 -Episode 14

July 9, 2018 9:37am

The drama in this week’s episode of RHOP certainly had an extra flair of French drama.

The ladies prepare for their trip to the South of France in honor of Monique Samuels’ birthday. Gizelle Bryant has lunch with her girls and her mom to make sure everything is set for when she is away. She also informs her family, finally, that she broke up with Sherman.  They seem to take the news fairly well, but it’s hard to tell since her daughters are pretty much the exact opposite of her and don’t tend to yell their opinions.

Meanwhile, Monique preps for her time away by picking out outfits for her kids. She sets aside an outfit for every single day that she’ll be away because Potomac’s Best Dressed Toddlers list is a very big deal. She also instructs her assistant to put some sort of “mental clearing” essential oils on her kids daily. Monique then started talking about how she doesn’t want her kids to ever use antibiotics. Basically, she’s the black Jenny McCarthy.

Robyn Dixon still seems unsure about whether she actually wants to go on the trip, claiming that Monique isn’t genuine.  Karen Huger shares the same sentiment as Robyn except it’s Gizelle she doesn’t trust. With all of the preexisting feuds,  this is sure to be a relaxing trip with absolutely no drama!

ladies beach

Along with their designer suitcases, everyone brings their emotional baggage as well. There’s tension between some of the ladies before they even land. Monique and Charisse Jackson Jordan upgrade to first class without any of the other women. There’s a shot of the rest of them in business class, and that still looks nicer than any way I’ve ever flown. I’ve gone on flights overseas on planes with no televisions sitting next to a potty training toddler; these women can suck it up.

The group goes from plane to helicopter before finally arriving at their hotel in Cannes. After checking in to the hotel, Ashley Darby calls to check in with her mom. We learn that Ashley is on better terms with her mom now than with Michael. She feels like she’s the only one putting effort into their marriage. Ashley is understandably upset that he didn’t seem to appreciate her singing performance that was just for him. Girl, you already extended the prenup; now you just have to stick it out for a few more years.

Later, the ladies meet up on the hotel deck to enjoy the sunset by staring at phone screens. They head down to Monique’s suite for dinner and twerk time. Ashley teaches the grand dame of Potomac how to shake her grand derriere, much to everyone’s amusement. As soon as Karen and Gizelle talk business, the laughter dies quicker than an iPhone 5 battery.  When asked where she is with her perfume line, Karen responds that she’s in a “good” business stage. What does that even mean?!  Can(nes) you just stop evading the truth Karen?

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Karen remains in the hot seat as questions over her residence arise. Um, are we back in season 2? I thought the whole discussion over Karen’s living situation were over. Apparently, Karen’s not so loyal assistant, Matt, had a bit too much to drink one night and shared with Ashley that Karen actually lives in an apartment. If this is the worst that Matt does when he’s drunk, then props to him. The morning after I drink I have to delete drunk texts I sent in order to pretend like I never sent them because they’re so cringeworthy. Anyways, Ashley asks Karen straight up if she still lives in her house in Great Falls, VA.  Karen denies it but says there’s a townhouse attached to her main house. I grew up in a house with six people, one bathroom, and no air conditioning, and Karen has a house attached to a house?!

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The ladies of Potomac decide to move on from Mrs. Huger and grill the birthday girl instead. Gizelle declined an upgrade to first class and is upset that Monique upgraded without all of the women.  Monique defends herself by saying she needed space to talk with Charisse about an argument she got into with her husband. Monique laments that she gets into an argument with her husband every year on her birthday. Gizelle suggests it might have to do with the fact that it’s a day where not everything is about him, and Monique admits that he has issues with her being more independent lately. Here’s some dating advice: If your partner does anything less for your birthday than shower you with gifts and serenade you with “Birthday Sex”, dump them.

Candiace tries to put in her two cents about relationships, and Charisse ends up calling her a princess, one of Candiace’s biggest pet peeves. The women all laugh at the former beauty queen. I mean, these women really shot her down and left her for dead as they went back to their rooms for the night.

The next morning, the women regroup and prepare to head out for a day of perfume and essential oil distillery tours. Gizelle becomes irritated with Karen for wearing sensible tennis shoes, and the tension between the two quickly escalates. Robyn takes forever to get ready and Gizelle waits for her and it sort of seems planned out.  Gizelle insinuates that Karen isn’t actually making a perfume line and reveals the reason why Karen hates on Gizelle’s EveryHue so much. Evidently, Karen dislikes Gizelle’s business partner because Ray Huger is infatuated with her. J’adore la drama!

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