RHOP Recap: Blue Skies and Blue Eyes

RHOP Season 3 Episode 7 recap!

May 14, 2018 9:45am

This week’s episode started hot and ended even hotter. The ladies of RHOP are all at Nemacolin Resort, which is again pronounced “nem-ah-colon.” I physically cringe every time they refer to it as “nee-ma-colon.”

The episode started with a tour of the house and the women picking their rooms before Gizelle Bryant jumps right in on “little miss cheerleader” calling her dumb “but not in a bad way.” Um, how exactly can you call someone dumb in a good way?

Kandi no

After the women are settled in and rested, they head out to dinner where Karen Huger gets sufficiently tipsy. Karen says she’s harboring resentment towards the women (namely Gizelle) for calling Ray out. Okay Karen, don’t act like you’re cool with someone then bring up issues from the past that were supposedly already solved. I mean, I can’t say I haven’t been there: four drinks in, crying about some guy I went out with once three years ago who I thought I was over. But I’ll be the first to admit bringing up past s**t is not the best look. Karen has it out with Gizelle and then Robyn Dixon, calling Robyn the  “ditziest b**ch.” Um, there’s no shortage of ditzy b**ches on Bravo, but Robyn isn’t even in the top 20. Charisse Jackson Jordan  apparently wants to be peacemaker now and tries to get Karen to apologize to Robyn. Charisse makes the ever so profound comment to Karen,“I know that you feel the way you feel about your feelings.” Somehow this repetitive statement was enough to convince Karen to offer a half hearted apology.

The next day, half of the ladies go fly fishing  (Ashley Darby, Karen, Monique Samuels, and Charisse) while the other half go to shoot clay pigeons (which are not clay figurines of pigeons, in case you were wondering). Walking towards the water, one of the ladies asks if there are alligators in the creek. ALLIGATORS. IN PENNSYLVANIA. No girl, you aren’t in the swamps down south!

During the post fishing picnic, Karen says she thinks she was in excellent form the night before as my eyes proceeded to roll completely back into my head. The conversation quickly turned to “Blue Eyes,” Karen’s driver/supposed married lover. According to information from Ashley, Gizelle says that Ashley’s stepson saw Karen and her driver cuddling up at Oz. Okay Gizelle, but you’re the one repeating this information and spreading it, so don’t throw Ashley under the bus.

Under the bus

Also, as Karen later points out, if you’re going to cheat, maybe don’t do it at your friend’s restaurant?

The ladies meet up again for team building exercises on a rope course and zipline that they complete individually…makes sense. Of course, a lot of screaming ensues, even from Karen who opted out to complete a rope course a mere 4 feet off the ground. I’ve been on the zipline the women used, and the only scream I let out was a small shriek because our instructor was so hot.

Ashley’s stay at the resort reminds her of being there as a child with her grandfather while her mom was away with her boyfriend. She begins to think that maybe it’s time to put her relationship first like her mother did.  I mean, finally. Next topic please.

Heather bored

During dinner the second night, there is more tension between Charisse and Candiace Dillard about the whole “little girl” versus “geriatric grandma” comments.  Candiace apologizes for what she said to Charisse, but Charisse offers no such apology.  I hate to break it to you Charisse, but if anyone is the “little girl”, it’s you; grown women apologize.

There’s speculation and concern among some of the ladies regarding Monique’s car accident. Monique admits to having at least two drinks but says she wasn’t drunk. Buzzed driving is drunk driving Monique, haven’t you seen the billboards? Ashley claims that Monique had at least 3, maybe 4, drinks before driving home. But Ashley may be partly to blame too because she should’ve stopped Monique from driving if she thought she drank too much or seemed too exhausted. Monique maintains that she was simply tired and that she would never drive intoxicated. Then don’t drive while you’re that tired either girl. Also, save me the sob story about how busy and tired you are, Monique. Everyone is busy! Everyone has sh*t to do! Not everyone supposedly falls asleep and crashes their car.

Karen confronts Ashley about the “Blue Eyes” rumor as well. None of the women seem convinced that Karen never made “Blue Eyes” her little boy toy even though Karen vehemently denies it.

Dorinda liar

 Charisse drops the bomb that tipsy Karen told her that Ray asked her for a divorce, and shockingly Karen admits this! Is the Grand Dame really going to go through a not so Grand Divorce? To be continued…

Why do you believe Karen so readily admitted to the divorce comment? Do you think alcohol played a bigger role in Monique’s car accident than she is letting on? Let us know!


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