RHONY Recap! The Benefits of Friendship



  • Tokyo Stylez | Kristofer Buckle Makeup Artist

    Bethenny channels her inner vixen with fab makeup a wild red wig for her latest SkinnyGirl event. “Definitely having sex with a stranger tonight!” -Bethenny


  • Dylan’s Candy Bar

    As part of her transition into Willy Wonka, Bethenny shows up in full costume at a party for the release of Skinnygirl Candy. “Red heads have more fun!” -Bethenny


  • Ripley-Grier Studios 8th Ave.

    Besties Ramona and Sonja take a private lesson to spruce up their dance moves. “I’ve heard I’m a good dancer… but maybe guys are just trying to get me in bed.” -Sonja


  • Shafer Plastic Surgery

    After hurting her coochie-coo, Jules visits a doctor to see if she can get her vajayjay back to normal. “It looks like a giant ballsack.” -Jules


  • Erika Schwartz, M.D.

    On the island of vajayjay problems, Bethenny gets her own checked out (with Carole there for support) after having severe hemorrhaging. “No surgery? That sounds great!” -Bethenny


  • Francois Payard Pattiserie

    Dorinda tells LuAnn that Ramona is the latest lady to turn on her. “I think they can’t stand that I’m happy and in love. It’s a jealousy thing.” -LuAnn


  • Joanne Trattoria

    When the ladies get together for drinks, Luann puts Ramona on blast for talking badly about her relationship. “All my friends are happy for me except you b****es! Why?!” -LuAnn Sonja shocks the group when she reveals the extent of her intimacy with Tom, Luann’s boyfriend. “We were friends with benefits for 10 years!” -Sonja


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