RHONY Recap! Airing Your Dirty Laundry

  • Sarabeth’s 

    Dorinda and Ramona try to take a walk down memory lane to see if they can’t repair their shaken friendship. “My mouth gets in the way… or John gets in the way. Why can’t John just be a better person?!” -Ramona


  • Sushi Roxx

    LuAnn fills Ramona and Sonja in on her love life’s recent dry spell. “A dry spell, really? You’re dating the carpenter, the musician, the architect. I hate to see what a wet spell is for you.” -Ramona Then Ramona reveals that she heard LuAnn was a “squirter.” “I’d usually refrain from talking like that but this was just too juicy.” -Ramona Ewwwww.


  • NOMO Kitchen

    Bethenny learns about Sonja riding on the coattails of Skinny Girl by naming her new prosecco Tipsy Girl! She vows to never see her again. “It’s shady. It would have been like watching your husband f*** somebody else.” -Bethenny


  • Madame Paulette

    Dorinda’s boyfriend John throws a party at his dry-cleaning biz but things take a turn for the worst when a guy that LuAnn dated starts making a scene like a total freak. “He’s creepy staring at me.” -LuAnn Ramona (who wasn’t invited in the first place) and Sonja had been chatting with him, trying to get the dirt on LuAnn, so they defend him when John and Dorinda try to kick him out. John gives Ramona’s face the hand and she storms out with the belligerent maniac. “Oh My God. OMG. How dare you!” -Ramona The fight moves out to the street where Dorinda and Ramona get in a catfight. “Get a life, Ramona!” -Dorinda


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