RHOD Recap: Party Fouls

Season 3 - Episode 16

November 29, 2018 1:52pm

Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday D’Andra Simmons was going to have to sell her Hard Night Good Morning products on the street corner, and Kameron Westcott was going to have to see a psychiatrist to get over not knowing, before anyone else, that Brandi Redmond adopted a baby. Now we’re at the end of the season and I can’t think of a better way to send them off than with a frat party thrown by our favorite housewife, Stephanie Hollman. Prepare yourself people – it’s about to be a long day.

While Stephanie prepares to send her husband, Travis, off in style, LeeAnne Locken and her fiancé, Rich, prepare to end their single life in style. They’ve chosen the church they’ll be getting married in, the Cathedral of Hope, which is an LBGTQ church and, for all her craziness, I absolutely dig that she chose this church. They tour the part of the church they’ll be getting married in and finally, FINALLY, pick a date: April 27th, 2019. Mark your calendars, my friends. April 27th, 2019.

Their wedding date isn’t the only thing getting locked in. The day me, you, Dallas and D’Andra thought would never arrive, has. In a small event with employees and family in attendance, Mama Dee signs over the business to D’Andra. She kind of looked like she wanted to throw up, but there were people watching and the camera’s were rolling so she held it together as only Mama Dee could. Afterwards, both Mama Dee and D’Andra sit down to have a chat. In a touching moment, Mama Dee tells D’Andra that she will always be there for her and, after wanting it for so long, D’Andra receives confirmation from Mama Dee that she is and has always been very proud of her. Mama Dee may not be number one in “Dallas society” but she’s number one in our hearts.

Sappy time is over. It’s time for a segment I call, “let’s all get sad with LeeAnne.” LeeAnne and Kameron shop for party favors and gifts for the party, which seems like a fun time, until LeeAnne finds a cup that says something somber on it and brings the festive mood down to Emo. LeeAnne plops herself on a couch in the store and tells Kameron that she believes the party is going to turn into an “attack LeeAnne” party. She then goes on to say that she doesn’t understand why people don’t believe that Brandi stole her phone, and then calls Brandi “stupid” for believing that LeeAnne actually cloned her phone. LeeAnne ends her “sad time” by telling Kameron that no one has reached out to her since the trip and basically says that she’s trying her best to hold in her crazy.

Annnddd, wake up! It’s time to put on your best college outfit and join us for Travis’ going away party. Brandi has arrived and she’s wearing her Texas Longhorns cheerleader outfit from her college cheering days. While taking jello shots, Stephanie asks Brandi how she feels about seeing LeeAnne at the party. Brandi tells Stephanie that she’s over trying to make a friendship work between the two, and then they start talking about LeeAnne and Kameron’s friendship. They both believe that Kameron is scared of LeeAnne and that’s why Kameron is always defending her.

I could get behind the “Kameron is scared of her” theory because Kameron acts weirder than usual whenever LeeAnne is around. For instance, LeeAnne has arrived at Kameron’s to get ready for the party and Kameron asks LeeAnne to help her wash her hair. Hold on, there’s more. Kameron will be wearing the yellow outfit worn by the character Cher in the movie Clueless. So listen, Kameron is younger than me and that movie came out when I was 11 so I’m pretty sure this was not an outfit of choice during her college days.

Anyway, Kameron is dressing as Cher and LeeAnne thinks it would be cute to match so she heads off to buy the same outfit. Once dressed, she arrives at Kameron’s house and they head to the party as twinsies. I once knew two women who were pretend friends and had the same hair color and, because of this, would refer to their time together as “twin time” so that’s what I’m calling this moment. Twin Time. Feel free to use it at your leisure.

D’Andra and her husband are on the way to the party as well, not dressed alike. After the exchange they had at the fashion show, D’Andra is nervous about running into LeeAnne at the party so she calls Mama Dee for some advice. Mama Dee tells her that if it doesn’t look like their friendship is going to work out that it’s best that they part ways. Jeremy, D’Andra’s husband, agrees and tells her that he loves her and to just have fun at the party. Except this is a party with alcohol so how do you think that advice aged?

More and more people begin to arrive at the party including Cary Deuber and her college body and converse. The party is now in full swing: Brandi is doing cheers for Cary, everyone is taking shots, there’s beer bongs, and there’s a baby kangaroo. Frat party, indeed.

Later in the evening, D’Andra pulls Cary, Brandi and Stephanie aside to tell them about Mama Dee signing over the company. The moment turns comedic when Kameron and LeeAnne, AKA Twin Time, arrive and Cary lets the jokes fly, calling LeeAnne’s decision to match with Kameron more Single White Female than Clueless. The best is when a 19-year-old woman walks in wearing THE SAME THING. I don’t know about you but I hope this gets mentioned in the reunion special.

Unfortunately, it’s all downhill from here. Stephanie pulls LeeAnne aside and asks her about the “phone clone-gate” thing. LeeAnne tells Stephanie that it was a joke to get back at Brandi for stealing her phone, claiming there was a lot of evidence that gave her reason to believe Brandi stole it. She tells Stephanie that the entire situation caused her a great deal of stress so she wanted to cause Brandi stress. Just a reminder: they were fighting over a phone. Oh, and then LeeAnne one-ups herself by saying she’s not a vindictive person who can set people on fire because if she was she would’ve set a lot of people on fire by now. She’s really going to hurt the meditation business.

While Stephanie tries to come up with a plan to escape the conversation, Brandi talks to Kameron about the same topic: the damn phone. Kameron tells Brandi that she doesn’t think she took LeeAnne’s phone but she does think she went through it. Brandi finally flips and tells Kameron that she wasn’t anywhere near LeeAnne to steal her phone and then goes on and on about not taking it. Just when I had had enough of this conversation, D’Andra walked up and joined in. She brings up the exchange her and LeeAnne had at the fashion show and then tells us, the viewers, that LeeAnne used her to social climb her way up and is now using Kameron for the same thing.

This becomes the perfect moment to bring Brandi and LeeAnne together. Stephanie pulls the two in and begins the conversation by telling Brandi that LeeAnne thinks she stole her phone, something she was already aware of. Brandi says she didn’t take it and then the group chimes in with “you guys just don’t trust each other.” Yes, it was a night of epiphanies. It could’ve ended there but nope; they both begin calling each out about lies the other has told. Then Brandi brings up LeeAnne calling her an alcoholic, to which LeeAnne says “I never said that.” Cary jumps in and is like “um, yes you did”, then D’Andra jumps in and reminds LeeAnne about the comments she made to Mama Dee.

And now. It’s. On. Brandi gets in LeeAnne’s face and starts telling LeeAnne that she thinks she’s better than everyone which obviously annoys LeeAnne, prompting her to poke Brandi in the chest to get her to back off. Then Brandi delivers a frat party response by saying “hey, you touched me” over and over again. As people crowd around and start recording this (not sure if Brandi will make them delete their videos), Brandi starts yelling at LeeAnne to get out of the house that does not belong to her. Then, LeeAnne’s face starts to morph. She looks almost like a possessed Disney villain. Before she full on phases, Cary breaks up the fight. LeeAnne has a seat by herself and Brandi walks off and cries.

While Stephanie comforts Brandi, Kameron comforts LeeAnne by telling her she’s not wrong. Cary joins in and tries to be reasonable by saying they’re both wrong and then LeeAnne starts with the dramatics, throwing herself on the ground and saying out loud that she’s all alone, while crying. Cary pours one out for her. And then, off in the distance, D’Andra does a keg stand. The end.

No need to guess what happened after filming, I can just tell you. D’Andra’s business is doing great but her friendship with LeeAnne is not – they have not spoken since that night. Kameron found a distributor for Sparkle Dog but still no business partner. Cary’s renovations were completed but the exterior was an inch off-center so they had to be redone. LeeAnne’s wedding date is still April 27th, 2019 and D’Andra is not going to be the maid-of-honor and probably won’t be invited. Stephanie survived the month without Travis. Brandi’s adoption was finalized, luckily before season three began airing. And Kameron and LeeAnne are besties.

After all this, who’s ready for the reunion?! I know I am! Comment below!


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