RHOD Recap! Locken Loaded

Season 1 - Episode 6

May 17, 2016 10:58am

  • Texas de Brazil 

    At dinner, Brandi tries to connect with her husband but his panties are in a twist. Without reason, he gets up from the table and storms out like he’s LeeAnne or something! “I’ve had enough. I’m done.” -Brian


  • That’s Haute

    Stephanie hires celebrity interior designer Donna Moss to bring in new bling for her Dallas home and help fix her husband’s bad taste! “I need somebodies help to pull him over to the normal side of things.” –Stephanie


  • Stanley Korshak

    Cary and her hubby pick out some new threads for her to wear in a photoshoot for their plastic surgery biz’s website. “At some point s*** starts sagging and there’s only so much he can do for me!” –Cary


  • Lemmon Avenue Surgery Center

    Cary and Mark stage a racy photoshoot for their website. “Photoshoots for Mark are really just foreplay! He’s just tryin’ to get me in the sack.” –Cary


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