RHOD Recap! Black & Blues

  • Whiskey Cake Bar & Kitchen

    Brandi grabs lunch with her husband Bryan to address the problems in their rocky marriage. “If you give me attention, I will love you.” –Brandi


  • Toulouse Cafe & Bar

    Tiffany and LeeAnne meet the very opinionated queen of the Dallas charity world, Heidi, to chat about their upcoming events. The two wonder how she’ll get along with some of the other girls, including Brandi and Cary. “Most of the women in Dallas got their rich husbands because at one point they were on their knees under his desk. That’s what I know of Cary.” -Heidi Ooooo Burn!


  • Lemmon Avenue Surgery Center

    Cary and her hubby celebrate their anniversary over the operating table.  “Men are simple. You f*** em’ and you feed em…. and he feeds himself!” –Cary


  • Clothes Circuit

    Tiffany encourages LeeAnne to put all the drama with the other girls behind before the upcoming charity event. “I want to make amends for how I behaved. I don’t feel like I owe Brandi an apology.” –LeeAnne


  • Lavendou French Bistro

    LeeAnne invites Stephanie to lunch to apologize for acting a fool at Marie’s party. The apology goes OK, but Stephanie finds it hard to get a word in as LeeAnne goes on about trying to “save” the world. “LeeAnne is all about herself. She’s the most self-obsessed, narcissistic person I’ve ever met. It’s beyond exhausting.” –Stephanie


  • House of Blues Dallas

    Tiffany hosts a charity event/concert to raise money and promote her husband’s music. LeeAnne’s friend Heidi, the “Queen of Dallas Charity,” shows up with her big personality and the other girls are caught off guard. “My first impression…. it was too much, honey. You’re up here and I need you down here.” –Cary Meanwhile, Tiffany’s husband Aaron dedicated a touching song to Brandi’s brother, a war veteran struggling with PTSD. “To see Brandi’s heart and how she’s affected by this… it’s like we need to stop being stupid.” –LeeAnne


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