RHOC Recap! Lies in the Air, Sand in My Hair

Season 11 - Episode 3

July 12, 2016 10:04am

  • HOM Sotheby’s International Realty – Newport Beach

    Shannon puts the home she and David built up for sale. At one time it had been listed for sale at $16 million but ended up selling for around $9 million according to public records. “We wanted a 7500 square foot house. After the basketball court, secret room, guest house and craft room it turned into a 13500 square foot house!” -Shannon


  • Renwes Sales

    Heather shops high-end appliances for she and Terry’s new digs in Newport Beach. “I don’t eat pizza… but I gotta have a pizza oven!” -Heather


  • Mia Finnegan Fitness

    Tamra prepares for the fitness competition of her life with a trainer who offers her more than just a good workout. “Mia’s not just my trainer – she’s my therapist, my spiritual guidance… she’s like my priest!” -Tamra


  • CUT Fitness

    After her son’s crumbling marriage, the falling out with Vicki, and her failing relationship with her daughter, Tamra dives into the one thing she has control of. Fitness. “The fitness competition gives me control of ME.” -Tamra


  • Casa Ranchero

    The new housewife Kelly invites the ladies to dinner but they end up giving her a hard time for feeling sorry for Vicki who lied to them all. “Hashtag: victim!” -Shannon


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