RHOC Recap! Boogie Fights

Season 11 - Episode 5

July 26, 2016 11:41am

  • Costume Castle

    Shannon and David shop for a 70s disco getups for her disco party but an awkward question from her tween daughters brings the shopping to a halt! “Dad, have you ever had a wet dream?” -Stella OMG. Stahp! “Well, you gotta know we’re a pretty close family!” -Shannon

  • John Wayne Airport

    Meghan’s husband Jim has to go away for work in the middle of her IVF treatments. “Can you believe that next time we see each other I will have had our embryo transferred inside me?!” -Meghan

  • Swirl Boutique

    Tamra and Kelly try to put outfits together for the 70s disco party but Kelly isn’t looking forward to going after Shannon rubbed her the wrong way. “She’s kind of a Debby Downer.” -Kelly

  • Seven Degrees

    All hell breaks loose at Shannon’s disco party! First, Kelly gets into it with one of Shannon’s friends for no apparent reason. Shannon reacts and they start laying into each other. “You look like Mrs. Roper!” -Kelly Meanwhile, Vicki and Shannon’s husband David are in a whole ‘nother fight when he tells her to “shut the F up” because she won’t own up to Brooks’ cancer scam! Kelly, a belligerent mess, finally makes her way out but not before cutting Shannon where it hurts. “No wonder you cheated on your wife, David!” -Kelly

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