RHOC Former Housewives: Where Are They Now? Part I

Who's traded their OC orange for a Florida orange?

June 11, 2019 1:48pm

RHOC is returning soon for season 14, and it’s got us thinking about all of the housewives who were a part of the franchise since its premiere in 2006. So we decided to look back on housewives who are no longer on the show to see what they’re up to now.

Check out part I of the list of RHOC alum below!

Jeana Keough

This real housewife and real estate agent left the show after five seasons, but she’s certainly stayed busy since then. After listing her OC home, Jeana made the part-time move to Florida. She moved down south not to retire and use old age as an excuse to drive recklessly, but rather to flip houses. Jeana is getting her Florida real estate liscence and plans to work alongside her son-in-law; so much for not mixing family and business. Living in Florida means she’ll be closer to her daughter, Kara, and her adorable grandson. Who knows, maybe she’ll be part of a new show on HGTV next!

Kimberly Bryant

One of the original housewives, Kimberly left the show after just one  season. She moved with her family and now lives in the suburbs of Chicago, a big change from the mansions of California. Kimberly remained a stay at home mom and currently spends her time helping different charities in and around the city. Talk about a 180 life change.


Jo De La Rosa

Another OC OG, Jo has been absent from social media in the past couple of years. However, early this year she announced on Instagram that she ended her second engagment and moved back to L.A. Despite the huge life change, Jo seems excited to be starting over. Career wise, she’s apparently starting a new marketing/business venture, but she hasn’t specified what exactly that is. Stay tuned to see if she’ll be the next business mogul ala Skinnygirl.

Tammy Knickerbocker

Tammy is still living in OC with her daughters. She recently started a business endeavor called Very which is Very hard to find details about. While there’s really no telling what exactly the line is, we wish this OC alum all the best.

Quinn Fry

This OC cougar now lives in Northern California away from the glitz and glam to be closer to her family. While she doesn’t seem thrilled to be living farther away from the OC, she appears to enjoy her role as grandma to her four grandkids. Who knows, maybe Quinn will stumble upon a different sort of cougar to befriend in the woods close to where she lives and gain a spinoff show: Cougars of Cali.

Lynne Curtin

Living in OC and being in the spotlight was hard, so now this former housewife is just focusing on running her company: Lynee Curtin Designs.  She’s excited to expand the company in the following years to include a swimwear line. It’s honestly a shame she didn’t start an actual curtain design company instead… Lynee is also a grandma now, although she prefers to be called “Gia” instead of “Grandma” so as not to feel old (if you watched even one episode with her in it, you’ll understand why that isn’t surprising at all).

Check back next week for part II!

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