RHOA Psychic Mbele speaks out against Kim's racism!

April 26, 2018 5:52pm

After she appeared on our podcast, we had to circle back with Real Housewives of Atlanta psychic Mbele and get her take on all the recent allegations against Kim Zolciak. Mbele went on to spill the tea about Kim’s seemingly racist behavior and what she believes the future holds for the Don’t Be Tardy star, the show and her relationship with Kroy!


TOR: What did you think of Kim’s last scene from the reunion?

MBELE: I thought it was hilarious and she got just what she deserved! The main reason I walked out on my scene, was because I couldn’t stomach the degree of disrespect spewing out of her physically, verbally and spiritually towards BLACK WOMEN! Karma is a b*tch and this “dumb black b*tch” as she allegedly called me is over the top happy that my sisters finally came together and addressed the real Elephant in the room (and her sidekick)!

TOR: About those rumors… it surfaced that Kim was sending racially charged text messages and, like you said, might have called you a “dumb black b**ch.” Do you know these text messages to be true? Do you have anything you’d like to clap back at Kim if she really did say that?

MBELE: I was actually made aware of the text messages before they went viral. Once it was out there, King of Reads asked me for a quote. My response then and still Is: how do you respond to bullsh*t? I’m not even sure Kim sent the text. She is dumb, but she ain’t stupid.

TOR: The rumors also claim that Kim’s text messages were in response to something you said? Can you clarify what the real story is?

MBELE: Oh, I don’t know! I don’t have the platform they have. Kim called me all kind of character damaging names on Bravo TV’s after show commentary segment. People not only want to see me back on the show, they also wanted to know why I walked out, so I expressed my feelings because I have the right to do just that. Maybe they secretly follow my humble social media pages?

TOR: The site goes on to say that you allegedly said poor things about the show, however, you stated on the podcast that you had a good experience. Any idea where this rumor started?

MBELE: It was an opportunity of a lifetime not to just be on the Real housewives of Atlanta, but to be on a leading show on a major network. Who could be mad at that? I do not, however, appreciate being a GUEST asked to do one thing, watch it flip in front of my eyes, then be set up, disrespected and run the risk of my character, brand, and name being tarnished. I have no personal qualms nor beef with BRAVO.

TOR: If you were NeNe and Kim called you a roach, what would you do?

MBELE: Dress up like a roach and show up to the Halloween party! LMAO. NeNe gets the #clapbackoftheyear award for that one!

TOR: Now that Kim is experience fallout from her remarks and now that Don’t Be Tardy has haulted production…. what do you foresee in Kim’s future?!

MBELE: NOTHING. I don’t see Kim! … Okay … Not the answer you want? When you forget where you came from, the universe will remind you. She has p**sed off people of many ethnicities and insulted others sexual orientation. I see her having several seats… maybe even on the back of a bus.

Whenever Miss Thang is ready to humble herself and get read by one of the BEST, I’ll be more than happy to meet with her, possibly accept her apology and do a one on one spiritual consultation. She’d, of course, have to shut up and listen!


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