Reality TV Stars With Unique Side Hustles: Part II

What do beer cheese and pink dog food have in common?

October 9, 2019 8:43pm

Reality stars: they’re just like us (minus the money, fame, and glam squads). While they may not deliver Postmates or write their brother’s college essays for a little extra cash, reality stars are actually like us in that they too have side hustles (not that most of them need the extra money…).

Check out these Bravolebs with some of the most interesting business ventures/side projects.

Beer Cheese

Ah, beer cheese, a delicacy that defies time and unites generations. Vanderpump Rules’ Kentucky born Brittany Cartwright decided to sell and market her Meemaw’s homemade beer cheese. On the last season, she was seen trying to perfect the recipe with her now husband Jax Taylor.The product isn’t in stores yet, but I hope this doesn’t turn into some toaster situation and never actually hits shelves. My lactose intolerant stomach may be screaming no to this, but my cheese loving heart is filled with desire and anticipation.

i'll take it

Pop Star

RHOBH housewife Erika Girardi  has some major Hannah Montana vibes. As a housewife, she doesn’t typically get crazy and go over the top (minus her latex outfits), but her alter go, Erika Jayne, isn’t afraid to pat the puss.


erika life

Dog Food

Kameron Westcott is the kind of person who annoys me so much that I start to like her. Kam is obsessed with dogs and all things pink, maybe even more so than Lisa Vanderpump. So it seemed like a no brainer for her to combine the two and make a glamorous pink dog food, “Sparkle Dog.” The RHOD  star’s finished product looks more red than pink, and it doesn’t exactly have rave reviews, but she’s still selling it, so she must’ve done something right (even if it was just hiring the right marketing team).

giggy dog

Didn’t see one of your favorites on the list? Check back next week for part III!

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