Real Housewives of Miami: Where Are They Now? Part II

Don't like their smiles? Then look away

July 24, 2019 3:54pm

If you live in a humid, landlocked state like me but already took your beach vacation this summer, you’re probably miserable. It may not be a drink on the beach, but living vicariously through the former Real Housewives of Miami can be a refreshing escape.

So sit back, put an umbrella in your clearance wine, and check out the list below to see what the rest of the Miami beach bums are up to now!

Cristy Rice 

Rice Krispie’s still hasn’t snatched Cristy Rice up as a lifetime sponsor yet, and I can’t help but feel they’re both missing out on a great opportunity. Instead of appearing on cereal boxes, Cristy continues to spend the majority of her time with her kids. Inspired by her time spent with them at her favorite place, the beach, she decided to start a swimwear line. The bathing suit line,  Cuban Rice, seems to be doing fairly well since half of the inventory is sold out (either that or it’s doing so poorly they haven’t bothered to restock…).

swim line Christy rice

Lisa Hochstein

After struggling with infertility issues, this former housewife finally became a mother. Her son is now four, and from her social media, it seems that she happily spends most of her time with her small family. This former model hasn’t been shy about getting work done, and it’s no wonder when her husband is a plastic surgeon. Lisa also helps her husband run their medical spa, Hochstein Medical Spa, in Miami. On the company’s instagram, she’s often a poster child for work her husband does.

Lisa spa

Joanna Krupa

Since the show, Joanna found herself a new man. She divorced Romain and shortly after got remarried to Douglas Nunes during a small ceremony in her home country of Poland. Now, Joanna is thrilled to be pregnant with her first child! The fact that there are so many people who cry tears of JOY at positive pregnancy tests still baffles me…The soon to be mom is staying busy with her organization, Angels for Animal Rescue. She’s remains a strong animal rights activist and continues to run the non-profit that she co-founded.

pregnancy jo

Ana Quincoces

Ana went from reality television to appearing on The Food Network. Not one to stay still, Ana keeps busy as an author, chef and creator of  the food and drink brand Skinny Latina (can we get a collaboration with Bethenny Frankel?). Her blog has won awards for best food content creation, and I recommend not checking it out unless you have a readily available kitchen where you can try the recipes for yourself right away.

skinny latina brand

Karent Sierra

Like her former co-star, Lisa, Karent also has a medical spa, although Karent’s also includes dental services as well. This former housewife has been constantly traveling around the world since she left the show. However, not all of her travel is for pleasure. Karent travels to many countries, such as Guatemala and Kenya, and provides dental and medical care for children in need through The Sharing Smiles Foundation. Although she is often abroad posing for pictures like an Instagram influencer whom you both envy and pity at the same time, this former housewife makes sure to visit her home in Miami and provide medical services to the children there as well.

travel karent

Are your surprised at how much any of these ladies’ lives have changed? Let us know below!

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