Real Housewives of Dallas Premiere Recap!

Season 1 - Episode 1

April 12, 2016 12:03pm

  • Vintage Martini 

    LeeAnne Locken pulls out the plastic at a hip vintage store and sets the record straight on life in Dallas, Texas. “As you can see, our hair doesn’t touch the sky. I don’t have cowboy boots on. There’s no cows in our backyard. We are far from hick town, and I am far from a southern belle!” –LeeAnne




  • The Pantry Restaurant

    Tiffany Hendra has a moment where she questions whether leaving her Los Angeles party girl lifestyle behind for Dallas was the right decision. “I had a come to Jesus moment on the bathroom floor!” –Tiffany


  • Guitar Sanctuary

    Tiffany Hendra surprises her rocker husband with a genuine Texas guitar so he show Dallas what he’s made of. “Aaron has been working his a$$ off.” –Tiffany


  • No Tie Dinner & Dessert 

    The Dallas housewives come together to raise money for an AIDS charity but things get tense when LeeAnne Locken calls out Brandi Redmond for mimicking her- in turn Brandi calls out LeeAnne for talking about herself rather than HIV. “This is a charity event and YOU are acting like a little b**ch!” –LeeAnne

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