Real Housewives of Dallas Recap! Making Frenemies

  • Bistro 31

    With the hubby out of town, Brandi starts day drinking with Stephanie! “Stephanie and I get white-girl-wasted… only I can dance!” –Brandi A little later, Cary joins their shenanigans. “They already look like they’re up to no good! Oh Lord, here we go.” –Cary

  • Bread Winners Cafe

    At LeeAnne’s request, Cary and Stephanie meet her for lunch so she can school them on the charity scene. “I’ve been in surgery working on boobs. I’m not exactly excited to see another one.” -Cary Really, it just seems like a ploy to come between their friendship with Brandi. When it doesn’t work, LeeAnne loses her s***! “I don’t give a f***! Bow at me.” –LeeAnne Err… Bow at me? Is that even a thing?

  • La Bare

    On a mission to get white-girl-wasted, Cary, Brandi and Stephanie head to a local strip club during the broad daylight! “I know there’s going to be balls in my face. Nothing good happens in strip clubs. It’s like… teabags!” –Cary

  • Bistecca – An Italian Steakhouse

    LeeAnne and her boyfriend Rich take his daughter out for her birthday. “Yay! We nailed it!” –LeeAnne


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