Pink Shade

Reality TV is stranger than fiction. It’s more fun to talk about too.

Pink Shade is the space to dish on our favorite reality TV shows from Bravo, TLC, WeTV, Lifetime, and more! Mary Payne, formerly of Payne in the Pod, has joined forces with Erin, of Pink Shade with Erin Martin, to be a permanent co-host of the newly branded Pink Shade.  These two podcasters met just like some of their favorites on 90 Day Fiance – through social media.  Erin and MP met up in L.A. for the first time, shared an AirBnB and decided from there to start up their Patreon only podcast, Hey Bunkie!   After a year of a successful partnership, they have made their “marriage” legal and will be coming to you in the new venture every week.  Pink Shade will continue to cover reality shows they love to snark on, and a ton more!  (Netflix shows, podcasts, books, all things culty, etc.!)  For their 2 ventures, Pink Shade will break down the reality tv world and Hey Bunkie will break down the reality of life!

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Erin Martin loves reality tv, and she loves to talk about it with anyone who will listen. Born in a cult and now transplanted to the Midwest, she thinks truth is always stranger than fiction. Whether it’s reality TV, true crime, cults, or a shocking biography – she loves it all. And she loves to laugh about it even more!

Mary Payne Gilbert loves a good story whether it’s through a podcast, trashy reality TV show or a documentary!  She’s a southerner now living in the DC area and just trying not to screw up her two teenagers on a daily basis.  Mary Payne is also really into true crime but nothing beats her first love, dumb reality shows…and she’s old enough to remember the first season of The Real World.


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