NETFLIX Love Is Blind "First Night Together" & "Couples Retreat" EP. 3 & 4

March 14, 2020 6:27pm

On this episode of Spill it, Sister we are talking about Love is Blind 3 & 4.

Ally and Leah are back and safe from the Coronavirus!

The world may be ending but we will make sure you have a podcast to listen to.

We have our core group of couples and as we wrap up engagements we see them escape away to a romantic getaway.

Jessica & Mark are still 10 years apart.
We say goodbye to LC
Lauren & Cameron continue to steal our hearts.
Ally thinks Damien could be a Dexter.
Leah is concerned Kelly may have a breakdown.
Amber is bringing the pettiness and Ally couldn’t be any happier about it

The couples experience their first night together and some enjoy it way more than others!

We break down who we love and who we despise. The experiment is starting to cause some people to unravel and second guess the pod.


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