MTV Families of the Mafia part 3

A grand opening, the Godmother, and mending old family riffs. This episode of Families of the Mafia is one you can't miss.

April 18, 2020 8:32pm

Karen is ready for her official Grand Opening of Pizza Nostra and Karina really needs her mom to pump the breaks on the mob decor. Karen has to answer to more than one person on her choice of decor in her restaurant that is opening old doors to the past.
Jess Clare comes back from Florida to try and whip Joe into shape and offer moral support before his court case.
Taylor has lunch with Billy in a bar to try and repair their relationship and Ally & Leah commend her for her composure.
Dennie is a QUEEN and the sisters need to know where they can find the application for her to be their Godmother. Dennie and Lisa give us insight on Dennie’s father and his departure.
Gina is celebrating her daughter, Jade’s birthday and hoping for a family outing to Coney Island when CP has other plans.
Let us know who your favorite family is in the comments and who you’re rooting for.
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