Mingling with Stacy Avilla-Creator of V-Blissful, an all natural solution for your lady parts

May 22, 2019 9:35am

We hit our 20th episode! Come join us as we mingle with Stacy Avilla, creator of a groundbreaking all-natural soothing vaginal product for your lady parts, V-Blissful. She shares her personal journey thru severe long-term pain and discomfort, dealing with unending yeast infections and allergies to over the counter medications. Her story is not only inspirational, but needs to be shared so that everyone knows there is a product that provides instant relief for many vaginal issues. Find bliss with V-Blissful!
*Always consult your physician before use

To order: visit www.yourblissful.com
Follow Stacy on Instagram @yourblissful

V-Blissful was featured on Distinctive Assets for their 2019 Mother’s Day & Hollywood swag bag

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