Mingling with Ben Zorn, Founder of Zorn Fitness-Let's Get Physical!

July 15, 2019 9:51pm

You may know him from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Season on The Bachelorette and the spin-off Bachelor in Paradise, but Ben Zorn has had a thriving fitness business long before his reality show days. Resident of the South Bay area of California, Ben is a former college football player of San Jose State University, and an avid dog lover(especially his bff Zeus). He shares with us his fitness philosophy and his four pillars of overall health; sleep, nutrition, exercise, and happiness. So, get off the couch, drop those cheetos, and let’s work on our mom and dad bods!

Zorn Firness-www.zornfitness.com
Follow Ben on Instagram @benzornlife @zornfitness
Email him at [email protected]

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