Love After Lockup: Roses on the Bed Recap

Ally & Leah are back this week to recap Roses on the Bed and the Love After Lockup chaos.

August 18, 2020 10:39am

Shawn & Destinie are still at lunch and he finally has to break the news that he actually has 3x as many kids as he originally said.

Maurice and Jessica meet up with Maurice’s daughter and Jessica throws a fit in the car over not feeling “special enough” cue the eye roll.

Shavel & Quaylon shut down Mama Q’s request of them moving to H-Town and we are honestly SHOCKED!

Scott is still on the hunt for Lindsey!

and the chaos continues!

In extended we cover the new “couple” Heather & Dylan and just wait because these two might be the ULTIMATE train wreck along with more spoilers!

Durning Reality Check we recap Big Brother live feeds and The Challenge cast update that has Ally in a tizzy!

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