Love After Lockup: Sugar Daddy or Boyfriend?

Ally and Leah are recapping the best moments of this week's Love of After Lockup "Sugar Daddy or Boyfriend"?

June 30, 2021 8:55am

Stan can’t figure out why his Daughters don’t want to meet Lisa even though her family tree is locked up in the gray bar hotel.

Daonte host a wine tasting right outside of prison where Nicolle lets the dirty money touch her before Daonte does.

Courtney lays on the ground waiting for Josh to find her as they play hide the pickle.

Rachel eats lunch with her mom and we learn about Doug’s tattoo proposal to Rachel… we have questions!

Britney heads over to her family’s house for her Dad’s birthday. What better gift could you give your dad than the news of an inmate boyfriend?

In extended we discuss the Rachel and Doug spoilers and where they are today!
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