Love After Lockup: A Date With Destinie Recap

Welcome back to the emotional roller coaster that is Love After Lockup. Join Ally & Leah on this journey to recap this week's crazy episode.

August 4, 2020 12:04pm


Welcome back to the emotional roller coaster that is Love After Lockup join us on this journey as we recap this week’s episode.

This week we get not one but two limo rentals by the men on the show and see the food choices they have chosen to greet their significant others with. We have a quick sidebar of who we would pair Scott and Lindsey up with based on their food selections.

After 3 episodes we are introduced to the  HOT COMMODITY that is Tyrice. Now that we’ve met Tyrice we have one question, what was he searching to get sponsored ads for hot inmates?

Somebody, please rescue Kristianna from the trap John is trying to lure her into because there is not enough sage in the world to clear that energy.

Stay tuned for our extended episode where we discuss all of the current Love After Lockup spoilers and who we are labeling a creep.

In reality check, we discuss what is happening on the set of The Bachelorette, Married at First Sight, and the drama with Paul & Karine of 90  Day Fiancé.

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