Love After Lockup/ Life After Lockup: The Final Straw Season 2D EP. 51

March 21, 2020 6:37pm

Ally & Leah coming to you live from self-quarantine. We dive into a little tea and what castmates are currently doing on social media. Ally is curious about MLM’s and ex-cons.

Next, it’s time to break down the last episode of 2D The Final Straw.

Angela & Tony have a wedding but that doesn’t make them married! In 48 hours Tony manages to break all of his wedding vows to Angela. Good thing Tommy is warming the bench!

Andrea and Lamar host a pizza party that leaves someone in tears and we talk about the thirst monster on this show who has appeared on another reality tv show. We both agree Priscilla has reasonable motives to move to LA… Disneyland!

Lacey, Shane, and John’s segment takes a weird turn that no one asked for, and we sorry for the visual Leah gives us.

Michael and company are apparently looking to fill a position in every state because you can never have enough women. Listeners we need to know what does a little minute mean and is a hot minute longer?

We hope you enjoy this episode and stay tuned for more reality tv content!

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