Love After Lockup: 99 Problems and an EX is 1

November 19, 2020 3:17pm

We made it through another season of Love After Lockup and meeting new couples. In this jam-packed recap we will fill you in on the season finale, the craziness on social media, and the newest show we’re watching. That’s right Ally & Leah have finally caved to The Real Housewives world and we’re jumping into Salt Lake City!

On the season finale this week we seemed to get most of the endings to the couples that won’t be continuing their love stories on Life After Lockup.

Shawn shows his true colors when backed into a corner between Destinie and Kelly. After sharing six kids with Kelly they have to co-parent at some point right? This story is far from over as we will be seeing their pregnancy test and runaway drama unfold next week. How these two made it on Life After Lockup is beyond us.

Quaylon clicked his heels together three times and is back in Kansas. I can’t say we agree with the creepy window knock entrance but, none the less he came back to work on his relationship with Shavel. It seems there is still plenty of chaos to be seen as we continue their story.

Lindsey is storing a good amount of her secrets in that attic! We find out she has been in a relationship with Tara Belle for SIX YEARS! Will Scott figure this out on Life After Lockup or will she pin his wrongdoings on him first?

Kristianna receives a warm welcome back to the Dubuque county jail when she turns herself in. Her sister, thirsty for camera time, is beyond her emotions as she says goodbye again.

Jessica is ready to head down the alter as Maurice runs out of gas heading to the wedding venue. A family reunion seems to heal old wounds as Jessica’s sister extends an olive branch when she arrives in the bridal suite. We must say we are SHOCKED that out of all of this season’s couples we won’t see Jessica and Maurice on Life After Lockup.

Dylan and Heather are officially done! Dylan has made the biggest transformation of the season currently working in marketing, living in his own apartment, and not driving the wrong way down a one-way street.

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