The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation

About the Business:

Black Jaguar-White Tiger™ is about changing people’s attitudes and perceptions about all animals. Black Jaguar-White Tiger™ is rooted in the belief that education can start a revolution; a revolution about Love and Respect for all living beings.

The Black Jaguar-White Tiger™ Foundation was inspired by a single unexpected act of LOVE, and a whole lot of trust and magic.

Eduardo Serio, a Mexican born businessman who was residing in Los Angeles, went on a business trip to Monterrey, Mexico in October of 2013. Unbeknownst to Eduardo, this trip would be a one way ticket that would change the course of his life forever…

While in Monterrey, he received a call from, his cousin, an animal expert with over 25 years of experience, sharing his frustration that a pet store was selling a baby black Jaguar with the purpose of drugging it and having it pose for photographs as a source of income. Eduardo, who always believed in equality and proper treatment of all beings, jumped at this opportunity and rescued Cielo from a life of captivity. That single event of selflessness and love gave birth to what today is The Black Jaguar-White Tiger™ Foundation.

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