Liz Astrof - Sitcom Writer/Author

October 2, 2019 1:34pm

Liz Astrof is an amazing writer – so much so that she does that for a living. She’s been writing and producing on many successful sitcoms for years, including 2 BROKE GIRLS, KING OF QUEENS, LAST MAN STANDING and THE CONNERS. She recently wrote an amazing true life memoir called DON’T WAIT UP – CONFESSIONS OF A STAY AT WORK MOM – now available on Amazon. The book is REALLY funny, but it’s also very poignant, with details about her tough childhood and how that affects her own mothering with her two kids. I was so excited to sit down with Liz to find out how the sitcom world works, what writers rooms are really like (with major scoop about her time at THE CONNERS), and how different it is from the unscripted world.

You can find Liz’s amazing book here-

Liz’s book is featured in Marie Claire, and you can find the article here-

We also talk about the new Showtime documentary series, COUPLES THERAPY, which you should all binge watch immediately. All nine episodes are available now-

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