Life After Lockup: It's Tow or Never

This week's recap of Life After Lockup was everything our reality tv dreams are made of.

February 24, 2021 10:36am

This week’s recap of Life After Lockup and 90 Day Fiancé was everything our reality tv dreams are made of.

The first few minutes of this jam-packed episode is a quick catch-up session of rants we really needed to get off our chests.

Kristianna is back out of jail and we are rooting for her! Ally has some insight on the covid test and why it was so important.

Want to know what was in Destinie’s bag? We have an idea!

Andrea shocks us all with her reaction to Lamar’s thoughtful gift.

Did you catch what Shavel said to the producers? because we did and we break down the hallway scene for you.

If anyone is looking for a new cast of the next Ocean’s saga we have your crew. Monica, Puppy, and Amber are ready to confront Vince and head to Vegas.

Sarah and Michael are playing house and Emmy finally gives the people a voice when she attempts to talk some sense into Sarah.

Brittany is still playing a dangerous game with Cindy’s recovery process. To listen to our extended version and hear our 90 Day Fiancé recap head over to our Patreon

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