Life After Lockup: Good News, Bad News

Ally and Leah are ready to break down Life After Lockup: Good News, Bad News.

February 10, 2021 9:50am

Ally and Leah are ready to break down Life After Lockup: Good News, Bad News.

We break down the trip to Alaska that Brittany, Marcelino, and Cindy took with the kids!

It’s a horrible situation and the best way to make light if it is to have some fun with comparisons.

Shane becomes a locksmith to protect himself from Big Daddy coming back in.

Miranda deserves the award of World’s Best Friend for delivering the news to John by the lake and breaking his “heart”.

Leah names Scott the creepiest guy on the show and surprisingly siding with Lindsey.

Andrea finally meets with Shante and confesses the reason why she’s held back.

Shavel finally has her dream come true when she was “shocked” by Quaylon’s proposal at the top of the Ferris wheel.

Our favorite scene is back and John tells everyone without telling us that he’s been cheating on Kristianna.

Terra is getting heartbroken when John tells her she can’t play house with him anymore because you know his actual wife is coming home.

In extended we chat about Clint’s jail status for Valentine’s day and the price of certain Only Fans videos.

Seeking Sister Wife is coming back and we want you to tell us if we should recap the first 2 seasons!

With no 90 Day Fiance and RHOSLC, we decided to dive into Netflix’s Bling Empire!

Stay tuned for our recap of MTV’s The Challenge later this week.

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