Life After Lockup: Ex Con-versations

Ally and Leah are back with their hot takes on Life After Lockup Ex Con-Versations!

December 24, 2020 9:19am

We finally get to meet Puppy and see the chemistry between her and Amber. Hand Sanitizer still seems to be the drink of choice amongst inmates.

Destinie has the audacity to call Shawn and give him zero information about what she’s doing. She still somehow manages to get $100 out of the conversation and a pizza.

Andrea is breaking and entering into someone’s pool when she drops the news about the family mission. Priscilla takes it upon herself to one-up Andrea for the full shock factor and asks if Shante is invited.

Shavel goes on a date with her “new boo” possibly while Quaylon is flying high in Houston.

In extended we chat about who Shavel is really with, Dylan’s Q & A, and season 8 of 90 Day fiancé.

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