Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: The D Word

Season 5 Episode 4

August 14, 2018 7:26pm

After the alcohol intervention in LHHH season 4, the season 5 version of Teairra Mari is back on track and looking better than ever after rehab! She’s out here hustling to get new music out there and she’s got a new man, Akbar. Teairra tells Akbar she’s been out with her girl Miss Nikki Baby and behaving. Akbar is against this and seems oddly over protective, which seems suspicious like he’s trying to cover his tracks…

From cover ups to big reveals… Donatella has Lyrica Anderson and her mom Lyrica Garrett (AKA Lyrica G) on her radio show to get the scoop on the pic of Safaree’s big D making the rounds on the internet. Lyrica G steals the show by saying she wasn’t impressed (um ok) and then finds a way to plug her new song which is a diss track to K.Michelle.

Lyrica A tries to not get into the story, but her mom goes into detail about rolling up on K. at her show. The mom and daughter duo start fighting because Lyrica G is getting so messy and she ends up throwing a temper tantrum and leaving. “Don’t call your mother stupid!” -Lyrica G She kinda deserved it so…

From storming out to popping up… AD swings by Fizz‘s place to pick up some shoes for Kam and who should happen to be there? AD’s EX best friend Tiffany! After the season 4 drama between AD, Moniece and Tiffany, Fizz is treading on dangerous waters. “I question the motive behind what you’re doing?” -AD Obviously Fizz needed a storyline and as much as we love seeing Fizz, we need to stop these fake relationships.

From one setup to another… Ray J is trying to put together baby toys and the struggle is real.  He’s all stressed out and is frustrated as hell trying to put this baby walker together. He’s all worked up about this A1 / Safaree/ Lyrica mess. He tells Princess Love about the play he ran to get Safaree confess he smashed Lyrica and now he feels like he needs to tell A1. Princess tells him to steer clear of all of it. “It’s not your business.” -Princess

From setups to surgery… Marcus Black takes Brooke Valentine to her appointment to have her breast reduction and the lumps removed. With this health scare, Brooke is rethinking her regrettable behavior in pushing Marcus away and is doing her best to win him back.

From come backs to come ups… Solo Lucci is throwing yet another party and blowing tons of cash on strippers. A1 tries to talk some sense into him and how he needs to save and invest the cash he’s making. But A1’s got his own problems. He tells Solo about these Lyrica / Safaree rumors and Solo just starts chanting “she’s guilty, she’s guilty.” But while A1 shares his sob story, in walks Paris P to meet up with Teairra and Miss Nikki Baby. Teairra fills Paris in on how she’s all boo’d up and happy with her man Akbar.

And just as the girls are all smiles, in walks a new cast member, La’Britney. She knows Paris and gets to meet the other ladies, but she’s really gotta go meet A1. As she’s walking, Akbar suddenly rolls up to check up on Teairra and she’s not to pleased by this controlling vibe she’s picking up. He’s gotta see if she’s staying sober and if this really is an “industry” party. “There’s nothing executive industry about this THOT fest.” -Paris P Ackbar starts accusing Nikki of being a bad influence for bring Teairra out like this so she gets defensive and isn’t having any of his controlling behavior.

From controlling bea to crab fest… Moniece Slaughter and her gay hubby Misster Ray chow down on some crab legs and dish on what went down at K.’s concert. AD rolls up all bummed out and dramatic. She breaks the news to Moniece that baby daddy, Fizz, is now boo’d up with her nemesis, Tiffany. “I’ve never asked little Fizzle pop to consider me while getting his pecker pecked on. What does shock me tho is that he would want to take 100 steps back in our coparenting relationship by using Tiffany to get back at me.” -Moniece So while Fizz and Tiffany are on a date night they get a text from Moniece. The monster is out of the cage as the war gets taken to Instagram.

From Instagram wars to making peace in the bedroom… Marcus takes a break from Brooke to hook up with his girlfriend, Stassia. He pulls out all the stops with a hotel room and red roses. She breaks the news that she’s late… she hasn’t taken a test yet… but she wants to know how he would feel IF she was pregnant. Marcus puts a stop to filming so he could talk to her but the cameras keep rolling. He’s not initially excited about this news. So she starts trippin’ because he’s trippin’ and then the conversation turns into whether it’s just the two of them in the relationship…

From hotel rooms to houses… A1 goes home after Solo’s party and Lyrica is waiting for him. “You at orgy parties?” -Lyrica They just start fighting about how fake they each are and then Lyrica questions if her ring is even real!

The marital spat turns ugly when Lyrica grabs a picture frame and tries to throws it at him! But a tall security guard, who prob played ball at some point, makes a big leap to block it before it can hit him. Security and producers step in to break up the fight and A1 says “F&^K the cameras” and he announces he wants a divorce.

From screaming matches to scares… Marcus is battling Brooke’s health scare and Stassia’s pregnancy scare. Brooke calls him over to her place and says it’s urgent so he’s all worried. Turns out they need to urgently celebrate the good news that her biopsy results are negative! Brooke uses the moment to corner Marcus about cutting ties with Stassia, but obviously with the possibility of her being pregnant, Marcus isn’t quite ready… “I’m wearing the ring you bought me. Get rid of the bimbo Barbie.” -Brooke “You can’t just come with a right hook.” -Marcus This story is ridiculous.

From one ridic story to another… Fizz asks Moniece and AD over for lunch to try to broker peace with Tiffany. “My question is, is this real or is this just to piss me off?” -Moniece Fizz claims it’s real and Moniece tries for a sec to take the high road but then Tiffany instigates so both these women start fighting. Fizz tries to talk to Moniece and it turns to an emotional conversation. When Moniece tries to leave, Tiffany starts running her mouth again so of course Moniece stands her ground and walks away unscathed.

Do you think Lyrica and A1 are really headed for divorce or is this storyline fake? Sound off in the comments! 

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