Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: The Bro Code

Season 5 - Episode 2

August 1, 2018 6:45pm

In LHHH Season 5 episode 2, Lyrica Anderson is finally getting her singing career going! She’s got a small crowd of people at a random rooftop show and it brings Princess Love and Brooke Valentine out to support. While Lyrica is working on her money moves, Brooke is working on her wifey moves. She claims she’s engaged to Marcus Black, but the catch it Marcus doesn’t know it yet. “So you’re claiming an engagement and he didn’t propose to you?” -Lyrica Um yeah. Apparently she intercepted the ring before he had the chance to ask and is just wearing it. OK then… so while Brooke is trying to lock Marcus down, Princess is separating herself from Ray and deleting IG posts.

And who should happen to roll up in that moment? Ray J. “I haven’t seen you in 6 days.” -Princess He’s trying to make it straight now that they have a gender reveal party coming up  and they have to act like a happy couple about to have a baby. The catch is he’s wanting her to apologize for blasting their business in social media despite him being the one who’s been whoring around in Vegas.

From showcases to the studio… A1 and Marcus Black meet up and we now get Marcus’ side of the story. He’s not ready for the ring and all that so he’s out playing the field while Brooke waits for him to settle down. Yeah that plan always goes well. And speaking of playing the field…. A1 tells Marcus about K. Michelle claiming receipts with that his wife Lyrica is messing with his buddy Safaree. Trouble is, Marcus heard it too and he’s gotta let his boy know…

From rumors to relaxation… K. Michelle AKA Kimberly is ready to kiki with Bridget Kelly at the spa.  K’s still working on her transformation to calm Kimberly so she fills Bridget in on her brief K.Michelle moments with Lyrica and A1. Bridget’s a little worried that K. is on the very edge of getting back to her messy ways so she tries to encourage her to be a more positive person. And one way she can do that is to make up with her old assistant, Paris. K.’s open to it but still holds a grudge. But she misses her old friend so she agrees to meet up.

From one make up to another… Apple Watts reaches out to Lyrica to apologize for grinding on her husband at Solo’s party. She makes the case that she’s trying to make the move from stripper to rapper. And really she was just doing her job and trying to get her life in order. She asks her permission to work with A1 and Lyrica is open to it since she’s checking with her first. And who should happen to roll up? A1. He’s surprised to see them talking, but really he’s there to holler at Lyrica over this Safaree business. He comes out accusing her of trying to f*ck him. Lyrica just denies denies denies and starts getting real mad.

So he asks to see her phone. (Really the close up on the phone is just an excuse to show off A1’s mani, because his nails are on point. Better than most of the women on the show.) After looking through her phone, it seems she’s deleted her texts. She blows up and tries to leave, but not before throwing a tantrum in the car.

The producers talk her into going back in to face A1. “You need to come in and talk to your husband.” -Producer Lyrica heads back in literally kicking and screaming. And when they don’t get anywhere, she threatens to stay at her mom’s house while A1 works to get to the bottom of all this. He doesn’t seem to bothered by her leaving so…

From separations to reunions… Donatella’s event brings Brooke, Paris and Princess together for a GNO. Princess spills the tea about Ray’s family coming for her, including his sister Brandy now sending threatening texts, calling for a public apology for making their business public. “Cinderella really said that?” -Paris  And just like Princess is dealing with a dirty dawg, Brooke finds out her man has a “girlfriend” when she spots Marcus and a girl at the event. “When I talked to you 12 hours ago you didn’t have a girlfriend.” -Brooke Brooke gave him a pass to go ‘sow his wild oats’ but didn’t realize he had a whole other relationship! Marcus thought he had a complete pass apparently. Um how do you have a miscommunication of this caliber?! Then the “girlfriend” starts losing her sh*t and the two leave while Brooke stands there admiring the ring she stole from Marcus and rubbing it in the girl’s face. Not sure just because you stole the ring you get bragging rights but whatever.

From taking shots to video shoots…. A1 asks Apple to come to what looks like a music video shoot. She’s not there to star in it though because he’s got enough strippers there. And of course when strippers are around Ray J’s gotta show up. He hijacks the conversation and goes into all the drama with Princess and this gender reveal party. He begs A1 to show up with his wife, Lyrica so it’s all a happy couple event. A1 put the brakes on that tho. He’s not going anywhere near his wife. Apple bounces because she wants no part in this mess. A1 tells Ray about hearing from K. telling him about this Lyrica and Safaree mess. Ray doubts Safaree would do his boy like that, but they’re gonna have to confront him when he comes to LA for K.’s show.

From rolling up to falling outs… Paris and K. reunite after four years. K. actually comes out soft and tells her how hurt she was by Paris using her credit cards like that. It’s not about the money, but the principle. Paris is p**sed K. called her for being a thief and wants an apology. K. gives a backhanded apology and Paris takes it. They hug it out and K feels like this is a notch in her belt to becoming more Kimberly than K.

From genuine apologies to forced ones… Ray has been running all over town trying to get things straight with Princess in time for the gender reveal party. Princess still won’t apologize to his family and even when he tries to put her on the spot, she refuses. But the event must go on and they reveal that Princess is having a little Princess! But the happy news fades quick. Ray’s momma, Sonja, and sister, Brandy, are still p**sed she won’t apologize and when Princess pushes them to force Ray to apologize for his whorish ways, they refuse.

The conversation goes all the way left between Princess and Brandy. “I’m not gonna take marriage advice from someone who can’t even stay in a relationship for longer than 3 mos.” -Princess Brandy tries to take the high road but Princess isn’t buying it.

Lyrica walks in to the gender reveal party not to congratulate the parents to be or even find out what the sex is but to confront Brooke about spreading rumors about her and Safaree hooking up. Her marriage is falling apart because of Brooke apparently but Brooke is not taking the fall for this.

I wasn’t a fan of Brooke’s before and she’s stupid over this Marcus thing, but she is a good villain for getting women riled up! Lyrica is acting all guilty and angry while Brooke just keeps her cool and stands pretty. “Why you that mad if it’s not true?” -Brooke

From dawg to dawg… A1 finally meets up with Safaree in a random parking lot at night to see what is up with these rumors. Safaree owns up to texting with Lyrica because “b*tches like me.” That enrages A1 whose doing a random strip tease the minute he walks up. Throwing stuff out his pockets, taking off his necklace, taking off his jacket. Security grabs A1 as he lunges for Safaree and… end scene! Til next week!

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