Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Stars' Stunning Weight Loss

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star shows off stunning weight loss for the Gram.

January 21, 2020 11:24am

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tokyo Vanity showed off an inspiring weight loss for her Instagram followers.  After months of hard work, the reality stars progress is absolutely stunning.

Tokyo spent much of this past season fighting with friend and co-star Sierra Gates as well as multiple castmates as they expressed concern over her weight.  Tokyo became defensive when others broached the topic of her weight loss and expressed that while she appreciated the concern this was a journey that she would have to make on her.

And boy did she ever.

The star posted a before versus current side by side photo of her progress as her journey is still in motion.

Fans have been positive and praised Tokyo on not only taking this health journey on but being open with the public and sharing it with her fans.

The rapper has shared her fitness journey in the past with her followers.  And the always blunt Tokyo let it be known that the pain is real, however the benefits outweigh the cost.

You’ve got this girl!  So proud of you.  Keep doing you and keep sharing. You are absolutely real life #goals.

Have you ever been on a long health journey?  Would you share your health journey with the public?  Let me know in the comments below.

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