Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: The Friendtervention

Season 7 - Episode 10

May 22, 2018 2:00pm

Episode 10 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta opens with the second funeral of season 7.  Why did they felt the need to film this? And yet here are with a sad start of the show. A tearful Rasheeda Frost is at Kirk Frost‘s mother’s service to show her support of Kirk and the kids and mourn the passing of her mother-in-law.

From sad funerals to surprise cameos, the after-service gathering takes place at a bar and who’s next to Kirk? RHOA’s Todd Tucker. Kandi and Rasheeda are really close friends and apparently so are Kirk and Todd. The death of Kirk’s mom has really hit him hard and he’s so appreciative of Rasheeda’s support. “Thank God for Rasheeda. She’s been here for me all day with everything I need.” -Kirk The path is leading back to a reconciliation as this emotional conversation leads to tears and hand holding. Kirk once again apologizes for all his wrongs and Rasheeda’s in a forgiving mood because she loves this man til death do they part. Oh Rasheeda. Until he cheats again…

From reconciliation to reckoning, Keely Hill heads over to K. Botchey‘s place to finally talk about what went down at Tokyo’s party. K.’s mad Keely came when he asked her not to.

Keely’s mad to find out K.’s got another woman, Crystal. K. tries to worm his way out of the Crystal conversation by putting it back on Keely that they weren’t on the ‘best of terms’. So that makes it ok to step out on the relationship? Obviously Keely is not buying it, is over all of it and says as much.  To prove her point the “door is closed” on this relationship, she slams the door on her way out.

From slamming doors to studio sessions, Spice is back to business by putting finishing touches on her video with Tommie. In rolls Erica Mena.  Spice has some questions for Erica about Tommie being MIA and rolling in 3 hours later to the video shoot to take care of her pig. Even Mena had to wince at that lame excuse. But enough about Tommie, Spice has a new man. And who is this man making her smile? Tabius. Oh geez.  Tokyo’s gonna be p*ssed… But the true tea is when Spice says “I heard that Estelita is still messing around with Stevie J.” Erica’s face is priceless and is all of us…

From spicy tea to shady tea, Karlie Redd has been doing THE MOST to dig up dirt on BK Brasco for her girl Sierra Gates. As she was snooping around, a stripper caught wind and came forward as BK’s girl. So for whatever reason, Karlie feels the need to pop a bottle of champagne to toast to her messy work of ruining Sierra’s relationship with receipts.

She brings together a round table of Mimi Faust, Tokyo and Sierra to introduce the stripper, Amber. (Have we seen Amber before in previous seasons?) Karlie calls it a “friendtervention” but she’s living being in the middle of this mess. Sierra starts the convo out by saying she knows Amber and BK are friends. But Amber clarifies… “I’ve known BK for like 10 years and we have sex every time we see each other.”  Sierra doesn’t believe it so Amber says she’s got receipts and Tokyo’s here for that.

But Sierra’s not buying the texts Amber is showing and Tokyo’s now suspicious of Karlie for setting this whole thing up. And in walks another woman, Joy. Sierra knows Joy and is excited to see her, but doesn’t get why she is there. As if she’s that dense. Then it comes out that Joy is also messing with BK. “It’s complicated.” -Joy “Is it complicated or y’all f*cking? Which one? I need y’all to sum it up real quick.” -Sierra Turns out BK has been telling both Amber and Joy that Sierra is just his “best friend” and they do business together. Amber whips out her phone for her second round of receipts – an audio recording of BK talking about Sierra as his best friend and Joy is another woman he’s messing with.

And still Sierra doesn’t want to hear it so the table turns on Karlie!  Sierra’s mad that these girls didn’t come to her directly and she’s getting ambushed in this set up by Karlie. “Does Karlie really believe that I want to hear my man is cheating from his side chicks” -Sierra Karlie flips on Joy blaming her for not telling Sierra directly since they know eachother. Joy throws her drink at Karlie, Karlie gets mad that Sierra and Tokyo just head for the door while she’s trying to defend them, then Tokyo goes off on Karlie! This really was the highlight of the show so kudos to Karlie for bringing some interesting drama!

From tables turning to troubled relationships, Karen King checks in with her son’s baby mama / nemesis Tiarra Becca. After two years of not seeing her grandson, KK wants to see him now. Tiarra blames KK for the reason she hasn’t seen King and KK blames Tiarra for keeping him away from her. Basically the same drama from a couple seasons ago. Tiarra’s reluctant to let KK into King’s life at this point.  “I’m gonna consider it.” -Tiarra 

From considerations to confrontations, Sierra heads to BK Brasco‘s house after Karlie’s friendtervention. BK still denies sleeping with Amber. “First the four kids, now I’m having sex with Amber.” -BK. He shoots down the accusations and is getting mad that Sierra keeps buying into the lies her friends are telling her. So Sierra drops the Joy bomb.

BK isn’t as quick to shoot that one down. “We have relations.” -BK He says he hasn’t been dealing with Joy since they been dealing with each other, but it’s pretty clear he’s lying. And says as much in his confessional that there was some overlap. But she’s buys the BK B.S. so she’s gonna be the one looking a fool.

From foolishness to fitness, Rasheeda’s in the studio filming her workout video. Kirk is there as her manager and since they’re talking as business partners, Rasheeda drops the news that she signed a lease for space to expand Pressed to Houston. Kirk isn’t on board and Rasheeda checks him real quick. “Don’t act like you don’t need the extra money because you got extra bills.” -Rasheeda 

From squats to more surprises, KK asks Momma Dee to meet and when she walks in she’s greeted with a half a dozen hot bodies! And she takes her time touching all the abs along the way to her seat! These shirtless men are there to serve her champagne and make her feel better by doing whatever she wants! KK is a good friend!

From hot bodies to heart-to-hearts, Keely and Bleu meet to discuss their son. Keely for once is very level headed explaining why she wants her son to have a good relationship with his father. After another teary convo about how Bleu needs to be a better dad, in walks their son, who’s absolutely adorable! The reunion is a happy one and this child could not be cuter!

From reunions to rehearsals, Mena pops up on Estelita Quintero‘s run through with her dancers. Mena’s all about the record, but not about Estelita becoming Stevie’s girlfriend and earning a bad reputation. Mena calls her out for crying wolf about Stevie then hooking up with him. Estelita claims she’s all about the business but Mena’s not buying it (and neither are we)!

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