Laura Richards - Crime Analysis on Filthy Rich & Athlete A

July 17, 2020 12:00am

Back for the third time on the podcast: Laura Richards. Laura is a Criminal Profiler, Behavioral Analyst and Victims Rights Advocate. Today she’s back to talk about the recurring subject of serial predators and how they’re portrayed in unscripted content. I wanted to have Laura back on since Gihslane Maxwell is in the news now. She was finally arrested in the Jeffrey Epstein case and is being held without bail. We’re talking about JEFFREY EPSTEIN: FILTY RICH – the multi-part documentary now streaming on Netflix. We also touch down on ATHLETE A – an excellent doc also on Netflix which looks at how a group of journalists in Indianapolis  exposed Dr. Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse of young gymnasts. Laura gets into how our language needs to change when we talk about these cases, the psychology behind these predators and what we can do to hold them and their enablers accountable.

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