March 25, 2020 12:01am

It’s premiere week!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? In these dire times there’s remains one, great beacon of hope and it’s our beloved KarJenners returning with a brand, new season of KUWTK!!! This Thursday (new night!), the show returns on E! and you’d better believe Marcy and Jess will have the recap for you in next week’s ep! In the meantime, we close out our Season Four vintage ep recaps with a truly historic one: Mason’s birth! In lead-up to the first KarJenner grandchild arriving, we’ve got Kourt and Scott still at odds after his nightmarish behavior in Vegas, dividing the family and particularly angering Kris. And, you’d better believe we dissect the latest news, too, including the suspiciously well-timed resurgence of the famed Kanye/Taylor call! It’s so much goodness!! Give a listen!!

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