November 2, 2020 12:01am

Well. If you follow the Kardashians on social media, this week was really something. We devote a solid chunk of this week’s ep to unpacking how absolutely insane it felt to see pics of Kim’s private island birthday getaway, a hologram of Robert Kardashian Sr. praising Kanye West’s genius and talking about farts, and Kendall throwing a non-socially distanced Halloween/birthday party for young Hollywood as Covid surges and the election is days away. Our brains are, for lack of a better word, broken from it all. We try to make sense of it all and also recap the week’s KUWTK, where the family is still time traveled back to March and learning what Covid even is. Let’s do this.

News 00:08:50, Recap 00:42:55

Know your voting rights.

Voter Intimidation

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