Kardashian Jenner Round-Up: It Was A Big Week For Kimye

Keeping Up With Kimye

April 30, 2018 1:27pm

Well, if you’ve been on social media at all this past week, you’d know that it was a busy week for the Kardashian Jenner family. More specifically, it was a big week for the West contingent a.k.a. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Of course, that wasn’t all that was going on for the famous family. Here’s everything else you have to know to keep up with the Kardashian Jenners this week.

Kim & Kanye’s Twitter Drama

Yep, Kanye made a Twitter comeback this week in typically controversial fashion. The singer tweeted up a storm about accepting love into his life. Oh and he also tweeted about his support for President Donald Trump with his MAGA hat photos. It was a lot. Kanye‘s tweets garnered a ton of attention and Kim couldn’t help but also take to Twitter to defend her husband.

Kim related that Kanye was in good mental health, despite what some have said. To further show that he’s in good health, he even invited TMZ over to his home. Yeah, it really happened. She also stressed that he is allowed to have his own opinion, even though it may differ from everyone else’s (including her own). Considering the fact that Kanye is still tweeting, it doesn’t seem like the drama stemming from his controversial posts will end anytime soon.


Kris Cleared Up Some Rumors

In other Kanye-related news, Kris Jenner went into overdrive refuting some interesting rumors this week. In response to a People report that said that Kris was fighting with her son-in-law, she posted that the story was “Lies,Lies,Lies.” She then cleared things up another rumor regarding Kanye. Another report said that the rapper was “on the edge.” However, Kris replied back that this story was again,“not true.”

Finally, Kris cleared up another rumor, in hilarious fashion tbh. And while the rumor wasn’t super important, the momager couldn’t let the fact go unchecked. People reported that Kim and Kanye‘s house was worth 20 million, in the midst of the Twitter drama. But, according to Kris, it’s actually worth 60 million! Oh to be a Kardashian.

Kim Finally Commented On Tristan Thompson

I had an incredibly candid conversation with @KimKardashian. Watch Monday.

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The Kardashian Jenner family has been mum on the Tristan Thompson cheating allegations so far. But, that changed with Kim‘s interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. While her full interview with the host is set to air on April 30, the show released a clip of Kim‘s response to reports that Tristan cheated on her pregnant-at-the-time sister, Khloé Kardashian. And Kim did not hold back.

Kim said that she could really only say that, “Like, I don’t even know how to describe it besides it’s just so f*cked up.” She also said that she wasn’t going to say anything bad about Tristan, considering that he’s True‘s father and she might see all of this someday. Yeah, have to agree with Kim with all of this. The situation really is “f*cked up.”

Kim & Kris Threw A Surprise Baby Shower

Despite Kanye and John Legend sharing some interesting (public) words regarding Kanye‘s Trump support, the two were able to come together for Chrissy Teigen‘s baby shower, thrown by Kim and Kris. Chrissy gushed about the surprise baby shower on Instagram, where she thanked Kris for hosting the party in her home. Never have I really wished to attend a baby shower until now. But, this sweet event was just so star-studded.

Kylie Celebrated Travis’ B-Day In Style

6 Flags for Trav’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Travis 🧡

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Kylie Jenner helped celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday in classic Kardashian Jenner fashion this week. To celebrate Travis Scott‘s birthday, Kylie rented out Six Flags, as one naturally does. She posted on her Instagram account that Travis and friends had never been to the amusement park before. So, having the whole park to themselves definitely sounds like a memorable first-time for her beau.

To go along with the amusement park theme, Kylie got Travis a super cute cake. The cake featured a rollercoaster track with Kylie, Travis, and their daughter Stormi in the seats of the ride. How perfect!

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