Kenya Moore Does the Most Before Her Baby Date

Pregnant RHOA Kenya Moore joins the Old Lady Gang for a night

September 26, 2018 9:49am

Let’s be real, with a husband living states away from you whom you didn’t introduce to friends until well after your sudden elopement, people are going to be confused about your relationship. Such was the situation last season with RHOA Kenya Moore’s relationship with husband Marc Daly.

marc kenya

However, Kenya’s relationship seems healthier than ever now, and the two are thrilled over her pregnancy. She clearly has the full support of co-star Kandi Burruss who invited Kenya and hubby Marc this past Sunday to her restaurant The Old Lady Gang for a lighthearted get together. Despite the fact that Kenya looks like she may pop fairly soon, she’s still killing it on the dance floor.

From diapers and homework to sports practice and explaining sex for the first time after their kiddo sees two rabbits in the backyard getting it on like well, rabbits, this couple will undoubtedly have their hands full soon enough. While thrilled for the baby’s arrival, Kenya and Marc clearly enjoyed the carefree pre baby date night.

Kenya and Kandi instagrammed the same picture of one another plus some videos of the fun fam/friends/date night.

old lady gang party

Kenya will always have the moves pregnant or not, but as soon as she twirled away, Mama Joyce stepped in to dance with Kenya’s man.

I’m impressed that any pregnant woman can even make it off the couch to do anything besides pee every 5 seconds. I’d be sitting in bed wearing a ratty nightgown covered in chocolate and pickle stains from my pregnancy cravings and complaining about not being able to drink for 9 months while making my husband my personal chef whose only other job is to get it on with me so I can pop that baby out ASAP.

But Kenya appeared growing and glowing as she enjoyed the night. She has yet to reveal any specific due date, but hinted it will be sooner than later.

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