Is Katie Maloney Schwartz: Feminist Icon?

Slow clap for Katie Maloney Schwartz. Last week, we saw her remain calm, cool, and collected as James Kennedy body shamed her publicly at SUR’s pride event. #NeverForget

Because there is good still out there, Katie got support from her online fans.

Though Katie was clearly a victim of ‘White Kanye,’ I feel that Mrs. Schwartz escalated the situation with James. I really hate to defend James Kennedy (I’m feeling physical pain, for the record), but he probably wouldn’t have even spoken to her if she wouldn’t have commented on his shorts FIRST. (That does NOT excuse his behavior, but she started with commenting about James’ shorts before he even acknowledged her presence. And YES I sound like a second grader.)

Though Katie misfired on her approach, I 100% support her message and stand with her. I just wish she would have been more honest about how she truly approached James when she retold the story. Looks like I’m not the only “Vanderfan” to feel this way….

After Katie reflected on the situation, she decided to bring it up with her boss, Lisa Vanderpump. LVP has proven herself to be an inclusive employer who is exceptionally socially aware, so I don’t think James’ actions and words would be considered acceptable in one of her restaurants.

As a woman with body image issues, I applaud Katie for standing up for herself, and for all of us ladies who have felt uncomfortable in the workplace. I haven’t always been a Katie fan, but she seems like she’s evolving into a really good person… as long as tequila isn’t involved.

We’ll have to wait for next week’s part 2 episode of Vanderpump Rules to see Lisa’s response to Katie’s ultimatum. I don’t think this is going to play out well for the See You Next Tuesday DJ….

How do you think Lisa will react to Katie’s ultimatum? Keep me posted in the comment section below.