Kardashians Weekly Round-up: The Fam Can't Escape A Little Controversy

The Kardashians Had A Lot Going On, As Always

March 19, 2018 12:55pm

As always, so much happened during the week in relation to the most famous family in the land: the Kardashians! This week the main Kardashian/Jenner news came by way of a Vogue cover, a little bit of controversy, and, since these are the Kardashians, after all, some interesting social media photos. This week was also special for the fam because they got to celebrate the birthday of one of their own on St. Patrick’s Day.

In case you’re wondering how you’re gonna be able to keep up with the Kardashians, look no further. Here are all of the important Kardashian/Jenner-related stories from the last week because you know you want to keep up with this crew.

Kendall’s Interesting Vogue Interview


Kendall Jenner revealed her fabulous Vogue magazine cover this week. The most interesting part of her cover story came when the interviewer asked her to dispel a persistent rumor about herself. And Kendall was not afraid to set the record straight in the most honest way possible.


When the interviewer asked Kendall why she believed the internet seems to think that she’s gay, she replied, “I think it’s because I’m not like all my other sisters, who are like, ‘Here’s me and my boyfriend!’” Well, she has a point there. She went on to clarify, “But to answer your question: I’m not gay. I have literally nothing to hide.” and even firmly stated, “I would never hide something like that.” So, there you have it, folks. Kendall cleared things up and even, kinda, confirmed that she did have a boyfriend, Blake Griffin. However, she wasn’t nearly as open about that. She just wants to keep some parts of her life private, and that’s totally cool.


Some Super Sweet Posts For Rob’s B-Day

Yep, there was a birthday in the Kardashian family this week. Rob Kardashian celebrated his 31st birthday on March 17th, and there was no shortage of b-day love on social media for him. As you can see in this postKhloé Kardashian honored her bro by posting a lovely photo of him with his daughter, Dream. She ended her note with “can’t wait to raise our daughters together!” which is just all kinds of sweet. Kim Kardashian shared a similar sentiment for her brother with the help of a throwback pic of the two of them. She said, “I love raising our kids together, you’re the best dad and friend!”

But, the sweetest Insta tribute may have come from Kris Jenner herself. The momager posted a collage of amazing photos of her son and included the loveliest caption to boot. She ended her caption with a cute “#ProudMama.” Ok, Rob definitely had to have felt the love from his family members on his birthday.


“Khlo-C-D” Controversy

What is a week of news updates without a little controversy from someone in this family? This time it’s Khloé that’s feeling a little heat after a poorly worded campaign. According to the BBC, her week-long campaign “Khlo-C-D” contains “lazy-girl hacks for cleaning everyday objects.” Yet, some have taken issue with Khloé seemingly making light of  OCD. The BBC’s article highlighted many who found the phrasing poorly worded at best, with one blogger, Vix Meldrew, even calling the whole thing “a case of ignorance.”

The reality star had previously come under fire for the “Khlo-C-D” wording in February, but it seems like she may not have gotten the memo about why some fans found it offensive. Khloé has yet to comment directly on the controversy.


The Fam’s Doing Good, Literally

Some people just like to hate on the Kardashians. It’s kind of one of those things where people hate them just to hate them, you know? But, maybe one of the fam’s recent good deads will change some of those haters’ minds? According to Us Weekly, Kris, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian helped save a community center from being shut down. The Watts Empowerment Center in Los Angeles, a center for kids in the inner-city, was almost shut down because of its lack of funds.

However, the trio made some generous contributions to the center, enabling the location to stay open. On March 17th, the family was gifted with “The Key To Our Hearts” in honor of their generosity. Um, how can you hate on something as awesome and positive as that?

An Adorable Chicago West Update

And now, the cutest Kardashian update of the week, all thanks to Kim Kardashian. The reality star posted a photo of her daughter, Chicago West, with the caption “Morning cutie” and she couldn’t have been more correct. Baby Chicago is one of the cutest babies ever!

Some users couldn’t help but notice that her bundle of joy bears a striking similarity to her. One fan on Twitter even said, “Literally your twin.” And, they’re not wrong. Baby Chicago is actually the spitting image of Kim, which is just so adorable. Fans will no doubt eagerly await Kim’s next photo update featuring her little mini-me.

Do you think Khloé should apologize for that controversial “Khlo-CD” move? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

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