Kardashian Jenner Round-Up: A New Romance For Kendall?

Does The Model Have A New Man?

June 11, 2018 4:13pm

It was a big week for the West contingent of the Kardashian Jenner crew. In particular, Kim Kardashian had a pretty major week. Of course, she wasn’t the only one that had a lot going on, though. Let’s take a look at everything the Kardashian Jenner family did this week.

A Kim K & Alice Johnson Update

There’s an update on the Kim goes to Washington front. As you might remember, Kim met with President Donald Trump last week in order to ask for clemency for Alice Johnson, an incarcerated woman who was sentenced to life in prison for a nonviolent drug-related crime. Well, as of June 6, Trump granted clemency to Alice. And the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was the one to break the happy news to her, as she revealed on Twitter. In Kim’s interview on CNN, she said that the decision to seek help from Trump about Alice’s case was “bigger than me.” And now, she can say that her hard work paid off. Btw, she also related that she will continue to work on the much larger issue of prison reform.

Kendall Turned Up The PDA


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Kendall Jenner was seen getting hot and heavy recently. As TMZ revealed, Kendall was locking lips with Anwar Hadid at an after-party for the CFDA Awards. Does that last name sound familiar? ‘Cause it should. Anwar is the little brother of Bella and Gigi Hadid, two of Kendall‘s besties. So, yeah, making out with your best friends’ brother isn’t an awkward situation, at all!


Any possible awkwardness aside, it doesn’t appear as though there’s anything serious going on with the young couple. A source told TMZ that Kendall and Anwar aren’t officially together or anything. And, in case you were worried about the model besties, there’s supposedly no bad blood there.

Celebrating Ye’s B-Day

Kanye’s Birthday Party 🎉 @kimkardashian #kimkardashian

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The Kardashian Jenners came out in full force to celebrate Kanye West‘s birthday on June 9th. Kim, Kendall, and Kourtney Kardashian all attended the party, which was Ye inspired. According to Kendall and Kim‘s Instagram stories, Kanye had a birthday cake featuring the Wyoming location where he made his albums. There were also coffees at the party, which had Kanye‘s likeness made of foam. Can you imagine drinking a latte and seeing Kanye staring at you in the foam? Couldn’t be me!

KKW Gets A Major Award

Kim received an incredible honor at the CFDA Awards on June 4th. The ever-fashionable reality got the first-ever Influencer Award at the ceremony. Kim got her joke on when she went to accept the award. She told the audience, “I am kind of shocked that I am winning a fashion award when I am naked most of the time.”

Kim truly is an influencer in the fashion realm, whether some want to accept it or not. Or, in other words, she’s a total icon. So, it was great to see her accept such a major award like this one at the CFDAs.

Kylie’s Protecting Stormi

i spy with my little eye…

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Kylie Jenner‘s selfie game is obviously top notch. That’s not exactly the main point of interest here, though. As you can probably see, Kylie cropped out her daughter, Stormi, in the snap. Why though? Well, as she explained in the comments to a fellow commenter, “yeah i cut my baby out. I’m not sharing photos of my girl right now.” Kylie‘s also deleted many of her Instagram photos featuring her little one.

As of right now, she has yet to follow up on her comment about not putting Stormi in the limelight. But, maybe Kylie just wants some privacy for her daughter. She is known for her desire for privacy, as that’s why she kept her pregnancy a secret for so long in the first place.

What do you think about Kylie’s decision to not showcase her daughter? Let us know in the comments below!

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