Kardashian-Jenner Round-Up: Could Kim and Kanye Be Moving To Wyoming?!

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September 11, 2019 11:02am

Another week, another Kardashian-Jenner roundup. Shockingly it’s been a mostly scandal-free week for the Kardashian-Jenner clan but a quiet week for them is still a crazy week for us mere mortals.

Here’s everything that went down with the KarJenner clan this week!

Kourtney Thinks Sofia ‘Brings Out the Best’ in Scott


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The oldest Kardashian is 100% supportive of her ex Scott Disick’s relationship with girlfriend Sofia Richie.“Kourtney thinks Sofia brings out the best in Scott and is happy for them,” a source tells Us Weekly. “Kourtney and Sofia share a common background and lifestyle, and Sofia is easy to get along with and is a normal girl.”


The source adds that the 21-year-old fits in perfectly with the Kar-Jenners.

“Everything is positive with Sofia and Kourtney right now. The family is in a really good place right now and everyone views Sofia as being part of the family,” says the source. “Sofia is integrated into their lives and they’re closer than ever before.”

Family is the number one priority for Kourtney, who is glad she can happily and easily co-parent with Scott.

“Kourtney and Scott are co-parenting in a great way,” the insider notes. “Scott and Kourtney realize it looks weird from an outside perspective that they have stayed so close as exes, but it works for them.”

Although Scott and Kout’s romance didn’t work out in the long run, the KUWTK star is happy her ex has found love.

“Any rumors about Kourtney thinking it’s ‘bittersweet’ that Scott has been able to be the partner to Sofia that he wasn’t able to be for Kourtney are strictly rumors,” the insider explains.

Source: Us Weekly 

Kendall Admits She Misses Rocking The Runway At NYFW As She Sits Front Row Instead


Photo: Brent N Clarke/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Kendall decided to skip walking the runway during this year’s NYFW in favor of sitting front row however that doesn’t mean she doesn’t miss getting her Blue Steele on.

“It’s a lot more mellow to just go,” Kendall told Vogue in a Saturday, September 7 interview.

“But I won’t lie, today I was missing it. I was watching the girls and I was like, ‘Damn, I kind of want to walk,’” she explained.

“I love New York,” Kendall added. “All the Fashion Weeks, everyone gathers together for each one, but for this one specifically, it’s those people and then some. It’s so fun, and everybody is ready to have a good time.”

Source: HollywoodLife

Kim & Kanye Reportedly Moving to Wyoming


Photo: Instagram/KimKardashian

Say what?!?! Rumor has it Kim and Kanye are moving to Wyoming more specifically Cody, Wyoming, the Rodeo Capital of the World. TMZ reports that Kanye dropped $14M on a massive 4,500-acre property dubbed Monster Lake Ranch.

According to PEOPLE, Kanye has been in Cody for week’s scouting schools for the couple’s four children North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

In 2018, Kim told EXTRA that Wyoming is her husband’s “happy place” and his “place away from it all.”

And it seems that Wyoming maybe Kim’s happy place as well. In the September issue of Vogue Arabia, Kanye asked his wife where she sees herself in 10 years and she shockingly said Wyoming!

“In my mind, I’m already living in those 10 years. I see us living on a ranch in Wyoming, occasionally going to Palm Springs and our home in Los Angeles — and becoming a lawyer,” Kim revealed, adding that she “would probably” set up her practice in Wyoming then “fly into DC, New York, and L.A.”

Source: Extra 

Khloe Reveals Tristan Made a Move on Her After Jordyn Woods Scandal

khloe tristan

Photo: Instagram/KhloeKardashian

Yikes! In an attempt to make her daughter True’s first birthday party less awkward Khloe agreed to meet with her ex Tristan the night before the party. However, that move turned out to be a colossal mistake after Tristan tried to make a move on Khloe.

According to Khloe, Tristan was “lingering” around after spending time with True and asked if she wanted to “grab a glass of wine.”

“I’m like, ‘It must say dumb f–king whore on my forehead,'” she explained to her assistant and glam squad while getting ready for True’s party. “And he was like, ‘No, it doesn’t.’ And then he was like, ‘Can I have a hug?’ And I like one-arm hugged him, and he was like, ‘One? A one-handed hug?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah! That’s nice enough.’ And then he tried to like kiss me, and I go, ‘This is the problem with you. You can’t just like take what you get.’ Whatever. And then this morning, he was like, ‘Thank you for letting me see True. She looked great. You looked even better.'”

Source: TooFab

Kim Debuts New Short Haircut on TODAY; Reveals She on Medication After Getting Tested for Lupus


Photo: Nathan Congleton/TODAY

The KUWTK star appeared on TODAY and debuted a new shorter hairdo. Turns out that Kim cut 2 inches off her hair just before her appearance on the morning show.

“I cut it this morning,” she said when TODAY host Hoda Kotb admired her new hairdo.

Kim later revealed that her hairstylist Chris Appleton wanted to take another inch off and asked fans if she should.

While appearing on TODAY, Kim also opened up about testing positive for Lupus. While Kim wouldn’t say too much, telling fans they will find out the results of her tests on this week’s KUWTK she did hint that she’s on medication.

“I did find out, we’re gonna talk about it next Sunday. I was able to find an amazing doctor, Dr. Wallace, and we figured out what the problem is,” Kim revealed.

Source: Today.com, PEOPLE

Khloé Admits Seeing Tristan At True’s 1st Birthday Was “Hard”


Photo: Instagram/KhloeKardashian

As we saw on the season 17 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, seeing Tristan at True’s first birthday party wasn’t easy for Khloe. In a new interview, Khloe elaborates on how difficult it was to see her ex only weeks after the Jordyn cheating scandal.

“True’s birthday was just a couple weeks after all of that stuff happened, so everything was really raw and fresh,” Khloe admitted to Ryan Seacrest during a Sept. 6 appearance on his radio show. “That was really hard how we even came to the point where I even invited Tristan to her first birthday. I always wanted that to be obviously a mommy and daddy thing. My family – everyone – is going through this breakup, so I knew in my family it was going to be a lot of high tension, but I still wanted to do what was best for True.”

Khloe continued, “We’re all human beings, and we’re all figuring out life. Stuff happens and people make mistakes. We’re all going to survive. We all learn from it. Things have to happen to me for me to become a better person, as well. If we can’t laugh at it, what the hell am I going to do? I don’t think these things are funny all the time, but you have to laugh and still move on with life. I know everybody makes mistakes. I think it’s how you handle it. Your apologies have to be as loud as your disrespect was. That chapter is closed for me. I want all of us to move on.”

Source: HollywoodLife

Blac Chyna Is Not Fighting Rob To Get Child Support For Dream


Photo: Leon Bennett/FilmMagic, Jayy HairStyles Instagram

Independent woman! Blac Chyna isn’t looking to score money from her exes Rob Kardashian and Tyga to help support her son and daughter.

“It doesn’t matter to Chyna whether or not she’s entitled to any money when it comes to caring for her children,” an insider tells HollywoodLife. “She really wouldn’t have it any other way than to be in a financial position to be able to support her children on her own.”

“Blac Chyna has always been an independent woman her whole life. Chyna has always taken care of herself financially from the time she was young and has never been one to lean on anybody else when it comes to being taken care of,” the source adds.

“Whatever Cairo & Dream’s fathers want to do on their own time with their kids is up to them, but Chyna always wants to know she is fully capable of caring for her own,” the insider continues. “It actually gives her peace of mind that she doesn’t need a man to provide for any aspect of her life, especially when it comes to her kids.”

Source: HollywoodLife

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